Need your wholehearted support to improve the Livelihood of old Sister(age 71)- Contribute generously for this cause and encourage Sister Kamela Bibi in weaving work of floor-mat from Jute fibre.

Please help this hardworking Old Sister with her day to day expenses

Zakat eligible- Yes

Assalamu alaikum,
Due to the poor livelihood, Sister Kamela Bibi (age 71), from Murshidabad is facing a lot of challenges.
She has the responsibility of her sick husband, her daughter and 2 granddaughters, who are studying in 3rd and 6th standard.
She is currently involved in weaving floor mats from jute fibre at home for livelihood. But due to her growing age (71), her physical and economical condition is not supporting well and she is facing very much problem in continuing the same for survival.
Additionally, she needs some extra money for her husband health and her granddaughter's study. In spite of her name in the BPL category, she doesn't get much support from the government. She also has 2 sons but they do not look after them and that's why she needs our help.

Your zakat donation will help her to improve the weaving work and their family condition.

​​​​I have personally verified her situation and found it a genuine zakat seeker, I'll be highly obliged if she gets some support through the India zakat platform.

Please help her for encouraging her livelihood.
May Allah (SWT) make us zariya for her improvement.

​​​​​​Zazakallahu Khairan


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