Need support to purchase oxygen concentrators. We have now come to know the value of oxygen which was freely available for all!

Please extend your kind support to purchase oxygen concentrators for the community -Request from HELPING HANDS EDUCATIONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST (R)- BALLARI.

Zakat Eligibility: NO

All of us are facing an acute shortage of medical facilities especially Oxygen cylinders in most of the cities. Increasing cases of Coronavirus are indicating that it is getting more fatal and those affected, are facing a shortage of oxygen cylinders for relief. Our group, with the help of local masjid and doctors advice, has decided to purchase at least 2 -3 oxygen concentrators for use of community and humanity.
during the first wave of covid 19, we helped people with oxygen cylinders but this time the second wave is taking away the lives of many because of the lack of oxygen and we are not able to procure oxygen cylinders because of shortage.

A humble request to all of you is, Pls come forward and donate for oxygen concentrator supply in this Ramzan to fight COVID-19.

It is our prime responsibility to save the lives of our loved ones, neighbours and other human beings in this unprecedented situation.
Allah is giving us a chance to be rewarded by helping others

Let's not wait for the crisis to get over and lose our chance to save lives and earn good deeds. Donate your Sadaqah / / Kaffara /general donations and other donations




    Allah, please accept, we know the value of Oxygen

  • Abdul Rawoof R

  • Anonymous

  • Mohammed

  • Mohammed Matheen


  • Mohammed Zoheb

  • Noorullah (NMDC)


    Let's be Saviour

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