Adopt an Orphan - Gift a life of dignity and hope!

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “Myself and the caretaker of an Orphan will be in paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together.

All children have the right to grow up in an environment that supports their educational, mental, physical, psychological, social and emotional development. This is why AMP USA has decided to focus on reaching the most vulnerable parent-less children of our community with the mission of bringing changes in their life and making them self-reliant so that they can live their life with dignity and pride. Your support to this project allows us to implement impactful programs which will bring about a substantial change in the lives of these parentless-children/Orphan(s).

Gift a life of dignity and hope to Orphans!
AMP USA in collaboration with AMP India and has decided to start this Project to support needy orphans throughout India, starting with the Pilot project in Kerala. The goal is to identify orphans who do not have a source of sustained income to support their major expenses that include educational fees, utility bills, medical expenses etc. Many of these orphans are not included in any socio-welfare programs of the local government/ municipalities/ community schemes. While they are able to manage their day-to-day expenses, they struggle to meet any major expenses so that they can change the fate of their life.

Objective is to provide them means to bear these expenses partially or fully through a sustained sponsorship from a dedicated donor so that they get a helping hand on their shoulders filled with love and sympathy on a regular basis.

The updated list of Orphans (After approval by the AMP Team and local Volunteers/ NGOs) can be accessed by the donors by clicking the given link:

We are committed to continuing this effort for the long-term so that this challenge and hardship of being an orphan can be reduced, and these orphans can join the mainstream development program of the nation and can lead their life as per choice and fulfill their dreams.

Select one or more orphan(s) from the list and donate as per your Donation plan:

1. On monthly basis:
  • Donate/ Contribute as little as Rs. 1000/- INR per Orphan for a month
2. Quarterly basis:
  • Donate/ Contribute 3000/- INR per orphan for 3 months
3. Yearly basis:
  • Donate/ Contribute 12,000/- INR per Orphan for a complete year
4. Want to Donate/ Contribute some amount to the cause:
  • Donors who cannot sponsor the full amount for at least one Orphan can donate to this cause and we will assign the collective funds by many such people to one Orphan.


You can donate by the following 2 ways:

1. Donate via
  • Select Orphan from the list
  • Donate by clicking on the “Donate Button” at the top of this page
2. Donate via AMP USA NOTE: Once you make the donations, please inform our team at with selected Orphan details and we will map the donor with the selected Orphan(s)

Association of Muslims Professional (AMP) Inc. USA is a registered not-for-profit, non-political &tax exempt with 501(c)(3)organization which is registered in the State of Illinois.

If you want to register any Orphans for this Scheme, pls register on this link.

Note: Currently, this project is applicable to orphans from Kerala and will soon be expanded to other parts of India as well.

If you wish to support this mission in any part of India, please let us know by filling out the form below:

  1. Orphans are on-boarded through referrals from:
    - AMP Network or Local/Community members
    - Project members or families/relatives of the project members.
  2. A chapter-level, district-level, or region-level Project Coordinator will be appointed for each geographic area that has a significant number of Orphans. We have identified 2 Project Coordinators for the pilot project in Kerala, who have committed to participate 100% voluntarily.
  3. Each Orphan that is on-boarded to the project is thoroughly verified through the respective Project 4. Coordinator and a thorough verification will be done.
  4. In parallel, new donors will be on-boarded to the project by means of word-of-mouth, marketing through social media, AMP events, portals, and all possible means to spread the word about this project.
  5. Orphan(s) will be matched to their respective Donor(s) by the Project Coordinator if the Donor(s) chooses to donate/contribute for a complete year or more.
  6. In case, there are no donors available and we have no extra funds available, we will put the orphan in the waiting list and make the donor-orphan-match when the next donor is on-boarded.
  7. On a periodic basis, we will send reminders to all donor(s) on their sponsorship due amounts via call, email/SMS/messaging (whichever medium of communication the donor would prefer).
  8. When the donated amount reaches the orphan, the Project Coordinator or the respective team member will immediately inform the donor confirming the same.
  9. We will also keep them updating their Growth and Progress Report.
  10. On a timely basis, we will publish the Project Reports so that the donor is well informed and the transparency is maintained.
  11. At times there can be a scenario wherein a donor may want to reduce/increase the number of orphans sponsored or the amount to be donated, this will be facilitated by the Project Lead accordingly.

  1. Goal to maintain zero waiting list for orphans, and donors - i.e., continuous on-boarding of orphans and donors.
  2. Plan to expand this program to multiple regions/states of India, onboarding more orphans and donors in parallel.
  3. To maintain 100% transparency with donors, AMP and

  1. Freedom for donors to connect with orphans directly based on the level of sponsorship owned, choice of orphans’ location and background.
  2. Both channels of fund transfer are possible, either the funds can be transferred in US or in India. 100% amount gets disbursed to Intended/assigned orphan.
  3. Vetting of Orphans through field visit by project coordinators
  4. Registered and responsible donor can approach the administration team to know the details of the project in case of any issue.

This is the next level for a small-scale project started by theUandOrphans Project team that catered to 2 districts in Kerala, with a well-established network of Donor-Project Coordinators-Orphans, resulting in successful disbursement of more than INR 3L in under 1 year to 40+ orphans.

Goal is to scale this up further under AMP platforms and expand the coverage to Pan-India to benefit more needy orphans, in’sha-Allah.


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