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Emergency- Help Brother Syed Arif for his spinal operation- Your timely support will save a life Insha Allah.

Nida Sharmeen

Spinal surgery

17 days left ₹9,700 Raised 10.78%

Goal ₹90,000

A desperate appeal from brother Tahir from Bhiwandi - Urgent surgery required for urinary bladder

sahikh rayba

urinary bladder surgery

11 days left ₹11,100 Raised 22.20%

Goal ₹50,000

Let's help sister Tarannum who is struggling for livelihood along with her family and not being able to manage her mother's medical expenses.

Tarannum anjum

Pandemic made survival worst.

7 days left ₹16,000 Raised 80.00%

Goal ₹20,000

Urgent donations required for treatment of Cancer(chemotherapy) - Your timely help could save a life InshaAllah


Cancer treatment

28 days left ₹6,700 Raised 2.23%

Goal ₹300,000

Brother Manzoor has undergone a kidney transplant. Now he needs help with post surgical medicines.


Post-operation medical expenses.

3 days left ₹9,700 Raised 9.70%

Goal ₹100,000

URGENT: Help Azamgarh as it stares at more COVID deaths due to shortage of Oxygen

Sayed Ehtesham Haider

Help Azamgarh for oxygen cylinder

1 days left ₹139,551 Raised 13.96%

Goal ₹1,000,000

Brother Naushad needs our help for his treatment of Aplastic Anemia. He has sold his house but is still short on money.

Aijaz Qureshi

Young Brother Naushad Khan sold his house for his treatment...

7 days left ₹5,500 Raised 1.57%

Goal ₹350,000

Covid has affected this HAAFIZ E QURAN - Brother Mustafa is struggling for funds - Your help required for treatment

Zulfiqar Ali

Hafiz Quran with covid n arthritis for treatment and expense

2 days left ₹88,000 Raised 73.33%

Goal ₹120,000

A road accident victim, brother Imtiyaz needs funds for his leg operation on an urgent basis. Support with your zakat him for speedy recovery in the month of Ramadan.  


Imtiyaz a victim of road accident, need help for operation

6 days left ₹105,350 Raised 87.79%

Goal ₹120,000

Support us to setup a COVID Care Unit at Masajid managed Hospital for EWS at Mysuru

Ajmal Ahamed

Covid care center

5 days left ₹180,400 Raised 18.04%

Goal ₹1,000,000

LIVER Transplant - My father is suffering from decompensated liver disease. We need your help for LIVER TRANSPLANT

Hasanul Banna

Need your wholehearted support for my father's liver transpl...

7 days left ₹62,400 Raised 12.48%

Goal ₹500,000

A young sister needs our generous support for weekly dialysis - A small contribution from you will ease her difficulties InshaAllah


Kidney patient needs your support

7 days left ₹5,200 Raised 10.40%

Goal ₹50,000