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59 y/o taxi driver, Yusuf needs monetary help for combating GBS and ARDS disease.

Khan humera

Urgent help required for treatment

17 days left ₹5,750 Raised 3.83%

Goal ₹150,000



A poor imam needs your support for treating mouth cancer

22 days left ₹12,360 Raised 12.36%

Goal ₹100,000

A Sad Story of Hafiz E Quran Brothers Whose Younger Brother is Dying Because of Blood Cancer and Needs help for Immediate Bone Marrow Transplant.

mohd tarif

Help for Cancer treatment (BMT) 5 lacs admitted in hospital

12 days left ₹14,000 Raised 2.80%

Goal ₹500,000

Urgent -- Shifa is just 15 and completed her 10th with flying colors - She suffers from pancreatitis and needs your assistance for an urgent surgery

Md. Najmussaquib

Shifa is in need of your urgent surgery of the pancreas

42 days left ₹21,900 Raised 10.95%

Goal ₹200,000

A desperate appeal from a poor husband for the surgery of his wife suffering from Ovarian cyst


My wife facing stomach pain every day, needs surgery

12 days left ₹55,052 Raised 55.05%

Goal ₹100,000

The brother is fighting with spinal cord tumour. He requests us all to help him financially.

Shaikh Gulam Mayodin

Muscles power week recovery join to physiotherapy

12 days left ₹150 Raised 0.08%

Goal ₹200,000

Blood Cancer ( Classical Hodgkin's Lymphoma) - Yunus is just 20 year old - He needs Bone Marrow Transplant to survive

Sufia Qureshi

A blood cancer patient of a poor family needs your support

57 days left ₹8,500 Raised 2.83%

Goal ₹300,000

Sister Munira from kolkata is desperately looking for support to get her father discharged from the hospital.

Munira Aslam

Urgent need of 1 lakh rupees for treatment of my father

12 days left ₹7,050 Raised 7.05%

Goal ₹100,000

Help brother Javed for treatment of blood clot in his brain - His family is struggling to raise funds for treatment

Taha Afreen A

Emergency medical care to treat blood cot in brain

12 days left ₹1,600 Raised 3.20%

Goal ₹50,000

Come forward to help Begam Khatoon for Hepatitis treatment


Began khatoon Hepatitis B infection Positive hai plz help

12 days left ₹550 Raised 0.73%

Goal ₹75,000

Lend a helping hand to Brother Jahangir, whose 11-year-old daughter is suffering from deadly Cancer and needs urgent treatment.

Shaikh jawwad

Please help this little girl for treatment of cancer

20 days left ₹2,400 Raised 4.80%

Goal ₹50,000

Gall Bladder surgery - Sister Qudsiya needs your support for an Urgent surgery - Please help this needy sister

sahikh rayba

Gall bladder surgery - Need your urgent help

6 days left ₹500 Raised 1.25%

Goal ₹40,000