AMP - Higher Education Scholarships!

Alhamdulillah, in the past 2 Decades, the enrolment of Muslims in Primary & Secondary Education has gone up substantially and we have realised the importance of Education in our lives by performing well here.

However, as per recent survey by National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), Govt. of India, Muslims have very low share at Higher Education/Graduation level with only 5.2% of Muslim students enrolled in Higher Education (Graduation).

Acquiring Higher/Professional Education. is a tough task and a big challenge for needy Community students. Crowd-Funding can be the possible solution for such needy students so that each of us can contribute our might for the brilliant students to achieve their full potential and succeed in Life. They can be thus transformed from a Seeker to a Giver.

Please support any of the students listed here by their City, Educational Institute or simply by the Academic/Professional Course that they are enrolled in as each of them are deserving and verified by our Team.

Happy Giving & JazakAllahu Khaira!

Science -Raise scholarship fund for Toheed Mohammad

Asad Khan

About Me My name is Toheed Mohammad Ali Mohammad Zakat Eligibility:Yes My Stor...

Cause Ended! ₹10,000 Raised 25.00%

Goal ₹40,000

veterinary sciences and animal-Raise scholarship fund for UBAID FAROOQ


About Me My name is UBAID FAROOQ AHMAD BHAT FAROOQ Zakat Eligibility:Yes My St...

Cause Ended! ₹11,500 Raised 23.00%

Goal ₹50,000
Successful Aqdar's family is going through a rough period - He badly needs our support to continue his


Raise scholarship fund for Aqdas , pursuing B.Com About Me My name is Aqdas fro...

Successfully Completed ₹10,000 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹10,000

NEET-Brother Jahangir aims to be a doctor - help him for his NEET coaching and motivate him to be a doctor

Sk Jahangir Hossain

Raise scholarship fund for Sk Jahangir Hossain, for NEET coaching About Me My na...

42 days left ₹5,200 Raised 34.67%

Goal ₹15,000

Bcom-Brother Sami's family is facing a lot of hardship due to his father's illness - Please support him complete his B.Com


Raise scholarship fund for SAMI QUAZI, student of Bachelor of Commerce About Me...

Cause Ended! ₹7,000 Raised 35.00%

Goal ₹20,000

Information Technology -Raise scholarship fund for Junaid Khan

Junaid Owais Khan

About Me My name is Junaid Owais Khan Zakat Eligibility:Yes My Story: Assalamu...

Cause Ended! ₹10,000 Raised 20.00%

Goal ₹50,000

M.Sc Physics Student NEEDS YOUR KIND SUPPORT for the Completion of his course - Help brother Auqib generously

Auqib Mohammad Akhoon

Raise scholarship fund for my MSc About Me My name is Auqib Mohammad Akhoon fro...

Cause Ended! ₹10,200 Raised 29.14%

Goal ₹35,000

Information Technology -(IT) Raise scholarship fund for munib kokate

munib shakir kokate

About Me My name is munib shakir kokate Zakat Eligibility:No My Story: Assalam...

Cause Ended! ₹5,000 Raised 20.00%

Goal ₹25,000

Dental doctor -Raise scholarship fund for Ayesha Suse

Ayesha Suse

About Me My name is Ayesha Shahbaz suse Suse Zakat Eligibility:Yes My Story: A...

Cause Ended! ₹10,000 Raised 20.00%

Goal ₹50,000

Science -Raise scholarship fund for AQSA KAUSAR SAYYED


About Me My name is AQSA KAUSAR SAYYED KHALIL SAYYED Zakat Eligibility:Yes My...

Successfully Completed ₹5,500 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹5,500

Mechanical Engineering -Brother Mohammad Suhail a brilliant student is on the crossroads - help this deserving student to complete his Engineering

Shaikh Mohammad Suhail Mo...

Raise scholarship fund for Mohammad Suhail Shaikh, student of Mechanical Enginee...

Cause Ended! ₹10,000 Raised 62.50%

Goal ₹16,000

Bachelor in Commerce -Raise scholarship fund for Intekhab Alam Warsi

Intekhab Alam Warsi

About Me My name is Intekhab Alam Warsi Zakat Eligibility:Yes My Story: Assala...

Cause Ended! ₹10,000 Raised 22.22%

Goal ₹45,000

Mathematics -Raise scholarship fund for Wajahat Hussain

Wajahat hussain

About Me My name is Wajahat Safullah khalid Hussain Zakat Eligibility:No My St...

No deadline ₹5,000 Raised 26.32%

Goal ₹19,000

Mechanical Engineering -Raise scholarship fund for Mohmed Furqan Peerazade

Mohmed Furqan peerazade

About Me My name is Mohmed Furqan Sayed Abdul khadar peerzade Peerazade Zakat E...

Cause Ended! ₹10,000 Raised 44.35%

Goal ₹22,550

Aircraft Maintainence Engineer -Raise scholarship fund for Abuhurerah Mahfuz Alam Shaikh

Shaikh Abuhurerah Mahfuz...

About Me My name is Abuhurerah Mahfuz Alam Mahfuz Alam B Shaikh Zakat Eligibili...

No deadline ₹15,000 Raised 30.00%

Goal ₹50,000

PCB -Raise scholarship fund for Arsh Zehra

Arsh Zehra

About Me My name is Arsh Nadeem Abbas Zehra Zakat Eligibility:Yes My Story: As...

Cause Ended! ₹10,000 Raised 20.00%

Goal ₹50,000

Tata Institute of Social science - PG-Brother Kashif is admitted to a prestigious institute (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) - Please help him complete his course and motivate him to help others

Md Kashif Jamil

Raise scholarship fund for Md Kashif Jamil, student of Post Graduation in Econom...

Successfully Completed ₹46,092 Raised 102.43%

Goal ₹45,000

Pharma D-Raise scholarship fund for Sk Jamiluddin

Sk Jamiluddin

About Me My name is Sk Nesimuddin Jamiluddin Zakat Eligibility:Yes My Story: A...

Cause Ended! ₹5,000 Raised 14.29%

Goal ₹35,000

Bachelor in Homeopathic Studies -Brother Aadil's father is not earning much to support his studies - Please contribute for his BHMS studies

Aadil shaikh

Raise scholarship fund for Shaikh Mohammed Aadil, student of Bachelor in Homeopa...

Cause Ended! ₹15,000 Raised 15.00%

Goal ₹100,000

Bachelor in Business Administration -Help brother Kaif cross his final hurdle - He needs help for his final year BBA fee

Kaif khan

Raise scholarship fund for Kaif Khan, student of Bachelor in Business Administra...

Cause Ended! ₹10,000 Raised 15.15%

Goal ₹66,000

Mtech Ph.d-Brother Zaid completed his M.Sc and Pursuing in first year - We need to help and motivate this student to study further


About Me My name is Mohahmmad Nafees Ahmad Zaid Zakat Eligibility:Yes My Story...

Cause Ended! ₹3,500 Raised 20.18%

Goal ₹17,340

Electronic Engineering -Young brother Azam has just stepped into engineering studies and is finding difficult to manage his expenses - Please help him

Mohammad Azam

Raise scholarship fund for Mohammad Azam, student of B.Tech About Me My name is...

Cause Ended! ₹10,000 Raised 50.00%

Goal ₹20,000

MSc Zoology-Sister Afiya's father is not earning due to his illness - she needs our help to continue her MSc


Raise scholarship fund for AFIYA WAHAB, student of Msc Zoology About Me My name...

Successfully Completed ₹10,000 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹10,000

Commerce -Raise scholarship fund for Mohd Gulrej

Mohd Gulrej

About Me My name is Mohd Mohd Israr Gulrej Zakat Eligibility:No My Story: Assa...

Successfully Completed ₹7,200 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹7,200