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Our Introduction

"Allah never changes the condition of a people unless they strive to change what is within themselves." {Holy Quran 13:11}

We all know about the dismal socio-economic conditions of Muslims in India. If we want our future generations to have a dignified and respectable life, we have to collectively put our might in the transformation of Indian Muslims.

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) decided to leverage Zakat as a tool for Socio-economic transformation, as ordained by Allah in the Holy Quran, by launching AMP Zakat Fund in 2013. This is a centralized form of Zakat Collection and Distribution for the needy with the mission to Transform lives of underprivileged Muslims by making a ‘Zakat Taker’ into a ‘Zakat Giver’!

In April 2020, on the eve of Ramzan , we launched IndiaZakat.com (IZC), a ‘Crowd-Funding’ portal connecting Zakat Seekers and Zakat Donors on the same platform. This would make the entire process of Zakat giving and receiving absolutely transparent. Additionally, it gives the Donor the choice of deciding in which kind of Cause and location of the Seeker, to donate his Zakat.

About Us

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) is a non-profit organization of Muslim Professionals and Volunteers to share their knowledge, intellect, experience and skills for the overall development of the Society. It was founded by Aamir Edresy, a Software Engineer and an Entrepreneur along with a group of citizens in India in 2007 and is entirely funded by its members and socially-aware individuals. It empowers the Community on the Educational, Social, Political and Economic fronts of life.

AMP has more than 200 active Chapters across India and is growing further with a strong presence of professional base across the country. Its financial records are audited annually and are presented to its members.

AMP is a Section-8 Company (Non-Profit) registered under the Companies Act 2013, with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) launched IndiaZakat.com, India’s 1st Social Crowdfunding platform, in April 2020 with a view to bring the Zakat Seekers and Zakat Givers on a unified platform. The objective for its operation is purely with the intent of bringing socio-economic transformation in the lives of the people, without seeking to generate any commercial surplus.

Zakat is a mandatory charity that Muslims are obliged to pay if wealth is above a threshold limit in a year. Although most people dispense the necessary Zakat amount, it is unorganized to a great extent. Such unorganized disbursement isn’t a sustainable solution to removing the backwardness of the Community. Therefore, AMP has decided to undertake this initiative for the implementation of a collective system of Zakat.

This platform is a step in the direction of mobilizing the collection of Zakat, Sadaqah, Fitra and other charities in a collaborative way and channelize these collections for providing benefits to the poor and backward sections of the Community and the Society for the overall survival, upliftment, development,and growth.

To transform Zakat seeker of today into Zakat giver of tomorrow