Principles of Affiliation

Every Zakat NGO in the country can seek affiliation with

  1. would display the name of the Zakat NGO on its website. The Zakat Givers can make online payment via to the account of a particular Zakat NGO for its specific causes or projects. Accordingly, this amount would be available to the Zakat NGO.

  2. will give full disclosure of amounts received on behalf of the Zakat NGOs through the online system.

  3. would help Zakat NGOs in organizing special programs, lectures, discourses, or events for involving general public in the Zakat Ecosystem.

  4. would have on its panel; a number of Muftis, Ulemas, Social scientists, Psychologists and Specialists in other areas in order to help the Zakat NGOs to function effectively.

  5. would publish number of articles, books, guidelines, periodicals, reports etc. on matters of Zakat and Philanthropy for bringing about a qualitative transformation in the community through Zakat NGOs.

  6. would liaise with Zakat NGOs for expeditious relief in case of Natural calamities and Civil disturbances.

  7. IndiaZakat.Any Zakat NGO seeking affiliation with can send its application to at the following address together with all the relevant documents for KYC compliance.

Association of Muslim Professionals
52/58, Halima Manzil ,
1st Floor, Room 8 & 9,
Opp. H. P. Petrol Pump, Mirza Ghalib Marg (Clare Road),
Byculla, Mumbai – 400008


NGOs engaged in any social service can avail the facility of this platform to run their campaigns for fundraising or other causes. They can submit an application to AMP India Foundation at the above address together with all supporting documents for KYC compliance and sign the agreement. All the terms and conditions of such listing will be made available to the interested NGOs. Please contact us for further details.