how_it_works is India's first Zakat-based crowdfunding platform. It seeks to bring Zakat Seekers & Zakat Donors on one transparent platform and thus aims to liberate Indian Muslims from Poverty & Illiteracy. It is based on collective Zakat and funding of needy individuals’ specific requirements in Education, Medical Treatment, Livelihood Assistance, Disaster Relief and other miscellaneous needs. was launched by Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) in April 2020. The platform does not charge any fee to either the Donors or Seekers for running the platform. It is completely self-funded by AMP Members for all its administration & operational expenses. is entirely volunteer driven and supported by the 200+ AMP Chapters for its robust cause raising and verification process. connects Zakat Givers to the verified Zakat Causes, raised by beneficiaries individually or through NGOs. Zakat seekers have to raise a cause as per procedure and if the Cause meets IndiaZakat’s Legal as well as Sharia requirements, it is approved to become live on the platform for Zakat as well as non-Zakat donations.

It is quite simple. To raise a cause please follow these steps:

  1. Create your account by clicking on “Sign Up”.
  2. You will receive an email through which you can activate your user account and then Login with your email ID and Password.
  3. Click Raise a Cause button and enter all the required details with supporting documents. Follow the document: How to Raise a Cause.
  4. After the cause is raised, due verification of the documents and the applicant is carried out by a Cause Manager. If the raised Cause meets IndiaZakat’s KYC process and Shariah compliance, the Cause will be approved and will be made LIVE on the IndiaZakat platform for Donations.

It is preferable to follow the recommended format for maximum impact.
Please refer the document: How to write content for a Cause

No, both NGO’s and Individuals can raise causes on

  • It may take from minimum 3 to 7 days or more depending upon cause description and proper supporting documents submitted.
  • Post completion of KYC and verification the cause will be approved. You will receive email notification once your cause is approved.
  • In case you do not respond to our verification team within 3 days, your Cause is likely to be rejected.

Withdrawal/Disbursement Process:
Once the cause goal is successfully achieved or the cause is completed or is closed as per the due date, the cause raiser will have to execute the following steps for the withdrawal request:
  • Go to your account Dashboard -> Cause ID no. -> Go to Action – Click on ‘Make Withdrawal’ option in the dropdown.
  • Once the request for withdrawal is received in our system, the IndiaZakat Team will verify the recipient information received.
  • Post submission of bank transfer details, the fund will be released within 3 to 5 days.
  • Partial withdrawal is also possible based on the necessity of the beneficiary.
  • Watch here :

Unlike other crowd-funding platforms, doesn’t charge any commission or fees to the Applicants or to the Donors. The entire operations are run fee-sabilillah and the salary and admin expenses are completely borne by Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP). 100% of the funds received on the platform are given to the beneficiaries.

However, the Payment Gateway used for donations on the platform, deducts on an average of 2% fees including GST, on each donation before it reaches to us. Hence the beneficiary gets the total fund minus this fee. does not charge any processing fee, either to the Donor or to the Seeker. 100% of the amount collected on the platform less the payment gateway fee is disbursed on the beneficiary.

The administrative and operational expenses including salaries of resources are covered by Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), the promoters of the platform.

Read more details at:

However, the Payment Gateway used for donations on the platform, deducts on an average of 2% fees including GST, on each donation before it reaches to us. Hence the beneficiary gets the total fund minus this fee.

  • As an individual, you can create multiple causes for your requirement like Education Fees, Medical Assistance etc. If you are raising cause on behalf of other Zakat beneficiaries, final beneficiary details have to be provided. Cause will be approved subject to all the documents being authentic.
  • NGOs can create multiple causes on behalf of different beneficiaries. Cause will approved subject to beneficiary KYC verification and all the documents being authentic.
  • If any individual or NGO is found creating causes with fake documents or fake situations, he/she/NGO will be blacklisted and banned for life from creating any cause on IndiaZakat platform.

IndiaZakat team requires personal identification documents of Zakat Seeker to ensure that the seeker is authentic and eligible for Zakat as well as to fulfill the platform’s Legal and Shariah requirements.

You can find it on the donation tab provided on your Cause link page.

Your cause will be active till the end date entered during Cause creation. The default maximum duration for the Cause being live is 45 days and subject to change as per IndiaZakat policy.

It depends on the category of the Caused raised and based on the policy decided by the Management and Advisory Board of

  • For Education its as per the fees requirement provided by the School/College/Institution.
  • For Medical Assistance & Disaster relief, there is no limit as such but you have to justify and provide the quotation and bills.
  • For Livelihood Assistance, a maximum of Rs. 50,000/- is provided however subject to management discretion, the limit can be increased.
  • For Girls' Marriages a maximum sum of Rs. 25,000/- to cover the basic Shariah requirements.

In case of any exceptions, the final amount will be at the discretion of the Advisory Board.

100% of the amount collected on the platform is disbursed to the beneficiary.

However, the payment gateway deducts its fee of maximum upto 2.5% which also includes GST.

Kindly refer IndiaZakat's Pricing and Payment Policy page for details.

No, you cannot. Only the admins are able to do. In case of any additional information to be added to your cause, please conatct your Cause Manager.

Yes, you can raise funds for anyone eligible to receieve a Zakat donation. The approval will be subject to the various conditions mentioned earlier.

Once the cause becomes successful or ends as per term, the Cause-raiser can apply for withdrawal. The fund transfer would be initiated as per policy of, for example:

  • If the cause is related to Education, it will be to transferred (on behalf of cause raiser) into the School/College/Institution account.
  • If the cause is related to Medical, the generated funds are transferred (on behalf of cause raiser) into the Hospital/Clinic/Pharmacy account.
  • If the cause is related to Livelihood, the generated funds are transferred (on behalf of cause raiser) into the Vendors’ account from where the material is being purchased.

And so on...

In genuine circumstances, if the institution, hospital, or vendors don't provide their personal bank details, cause raiser has to send a written communication via mail regarding the same. After suitable verification by AMP Teams, will transfer the amount directly to the beneficiary subject to approval by AMP and teams.

Yes absolutely.

We have integrated a highly protected and automated payment gateway through which you can safely and securely donate your Zakat online.

Even if your Cause doesn't reach the required fund goal, you will receive the amount raised, once your cause duration is completed and you apply for withdrawal as per the process.

Once your fund goal is successfully achieved or your Cause is completed as per due date even if only partial amount is raised, you can initiate the withdrawal request.

Yes, Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), whose initiative is, provides 80G tax exemption certificates on donations

Funds donated to IndiaZakat or AMP are tax exempted (50% as per govt. norm) and 80G tax exemption receipt will be provided to donor post submission of Name, Email ID, Pan Card details. is a very transparent platform. All the Donations made on all the Causes are reflected on a real-time basis. Even minutest details are reflected on this page in LIVE manner, which is quite UNPRECEDENTED!

You get live updates by the minute. You may check the Dashboard here:

Additionally, every cause raiser has access to a dedicated Dashboard to view the progress of their Cause.

  • An Indian citizen from anywhere in the world can donate from any Indian bank account.
  • A NRI Donor can also donate Zakat by using any Indian bank account.
  • You can also donate via bank transfer option and make RTGS/NEFT/IMPS directly into our bank account. accepts donations in Indian Rupees (INR) from Indian nationals only, and only from bank accounts within India. does not accept any fund from any other nationalities’ bank accounts or cards. requests cause raisers to promote their own cause and helps in giving training on 'How to promote your cause'

There is a guideline document which is available for raising a cause: ‘How to Raise a Cause’

Once the cause is raised, a dedicated Cause Manager is assigned to each cause to support and guide during the entire Cause lifecycle.

  • requests cause raisers to promote their own cause and helps in giving training on 'How to promote your Cause' regularly. Since this is a crowd-funding platform, the raised cause has to be promoted to garner the required funds.
  • The cause raiser and cause manager along with social media volunteers, promotes the cause on various social media platforms (FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc) in a systematic way to make it more effective/appealing. The Cause raiser can access the document on 'How to promote your Cause', for the same.
  • collects maximum donation through promotions done by its volunteer teams on social media platforms. If any cause raiser has problem or do not want their cause to be promoted on social media platforms has to inform our team. However, they can promote the cause among his/her family, relatives, friends and influential people/ groups in their respective city/state.
  • During the cause promotion, a short video from the cause raiser/beneficiary is more effective to promote the cause on social media sites. Attach the video/images along with cause link and explain in a standard message.

Cash donations are not accepted.

You can donate via bank transfer option and make an RTGS/NEFT/IMPS directly into our following bank account;

Account Name: Association of Muslim Professionals - IndiaZakat

Account No.: 8345285045

Bank: Kotak Bank

Branch: Maratha Mandir, Mumbai Central

IFSC Code: KKBK0001348

Account type: Savings

You may contact us at with your question and we will be glad to answer you as soon as we can.