Lockdown pushed me out of business - I need your help to setup a truck-tire puncture shop and become self reliant

Brother Asif needs your kind support for his livelihood - Help him procure an air-compressor for his puncture shop

Zakat Eligible: Yes

As-salam alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatahu!

I was running a truck-tire puncture repair shop and attending to small mechanical repairs as well before the pandemic and lockdown.

Lockdown pushed me out of business. Due to distress at home, I had to sell whatever machinery and equipment I had.

Presently, I'm working as a daily wager, earning about Rs. 500/day. The work is mostly irregular, I Am unable to meet family expenses. Have aged parents, 1 unmarried sister and a younger brother who also works as a daily wager.

Now that the lockdown is relaxed, I have decided to resume my business. I have identified a very potential-able location on the National Highway, where I feel I will be able to do good business attending to trucks and heavy tires.

For this, I need financial support to procure an air-compressor and some small equipment. I have managed to gather some machinery myself. Quote is attached

I look forward to kind individuals to support me in this need of mine.

I shall be ever grateful to Allah Azwajall for the support.

Jazaka Allahu Khair


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    I need your help to setup a truck-tire puncture shop and become self reliant

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