Volunteer with Us


Being a Non-Profit organization, we serve the Underprivileged through our strong Team of Volunteers, who are either senior Students or Professionals with a strong passion of helping those in need.

The Volunteers will help in different ways like raising the cause for those who are less educated or doing telephonic/physical verification (within their city/town/village) of the applicant or of their KYC Documents or of the assistance for which they have applied.

The Volunteers may also help with promoting the active causes through their social media handles in order to maximise donations.

You can make big difference just by volunteering for 2 hours per day!

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IZC Internship 2023

This is a learning opportunity that invites committed and dynamic Students to attend Summer Internships 2023 with us. This will be a voluntary internship, which aims to recognize exceptional Students, who are Leaders and who can contribute to creating a ‘Positive Change’ in the Community through IndiaZakat.com (IZC) platform. To register as an Intern.

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