how_it_works is India’s first Zakat Crowdfunding platform, aiming to bring the Zakat Seekers and Zakat Givers on the same online platform. Our objective is to undertake this operation purely with the intent of bringing socio-economic transformation in the lives of the people, without seeking to generate any commercial surplus. Zakat is a mandatory charity which Muslims are obliged to pay if wealth is above a threshold limit in a year. Although most people dispense the necessary Zakat amount, it is unorganized to a great extent. Such unorganized disbursement is not a sustainable solution to the backwardness of the community. Therefore, IndiaZakat team has undertaken this initiative to streamline the disbursement of Zakat, from Zakat Giver to the Zakat Seeker. This platform is a step in the direction to transform Zakat, Sadqa, Fitra and other charities in a collaborative way for the overall survival, upliftment, development and growth of Zakat beneficiaries. simply connects Zakat Givers to the verified Zakat causes, raised by Zakat beneficiaries individually or by NGOs. Zakat seekers can create a cause how to raise a cause and if the cause meets India Zakat platform’s requirements and sharia requirements, it is approved to become online for Zakat donations.

It is very simple. To raise a cause you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create your account by “Sign Up”.
  2. Activate your user account via email and then Login with your email ID and Password.
  3. Click Raise a Cause button and enter all the required details with supporting documents. Follow the document how to raise a cause.
  4. Once your cause is submitted, you can revisit your cause from the User dashboard.

It can take from 1 to 7 days depending upon cause description and supporting documents. You will receive email notification once your cause is approved.

Once your fund goal is successfully achieved and your cause is completed as per due date, you will have to execute the following steps for initiating withdrawal request.

  1. Add recipient bank account details via Dashboard -> Withdrawal -> Configure Withdrawal Details section.
  2. Send the beneficiaries ID Proof (Aadhar / PAN), Address proof, any relevant documents via email to
  3. Submit the request for withdrawal on your account dashboard of India Zakat Portal.
  4. Once the request for withdrawal is received in our system, IZ Team will verify recipient information received by email and will initiate the payment.

No. IndiaZakat does not charge any fee, neither to the Donor, nor the Cause Raiser. It is absolutely free for the Ummah!

Although there is small fee from payment gateway for the Banking Transaction. (IZC) doesn't charge any Processing fee, Platform fee or Contract fee. Funds in total are disbursed to the beneficiaries who has raised the cause. The full amount which is collected for a cause is disbursed to the beneficiary after deducting the 2% payment gateway charges.

Expenses such as cost of building, developing, maintaining, vendor charges and all other expenses, for the country’s first Zakat based crowdfunding platform is managed by Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP –

More details at:

Yes, You can create multiple causes on behalf of Zakat beneficiaries.

IndiaZakat team requires personal identification documents of Zakat Seeker to ensure that zakat seeker is eligible for zakat and to fulfill Platform’s legal and shariah requirements.

You can find it on the donation tab provided on your cause page. You also receive an email notification, when any donation is received on your cause.

Your cause will be active till the end date entered during Cause creation. The default maximum duration is 45 days and subject to change as per our policy.

No. Both NGO’s and Individuals can raise causes.

There is no limit as such but you have to justify the requirement and utilization of funds in the cause description.

100% of the amount collected are disbursed to the beneficiary. Refer Pricing and Payment policy page for details.

Yes, you can and it will again go through the approval process.

Yes, you can raise funds for anyone eligible for a special Zakat donation.

Yes, the money raised on a particular person is transferred directly to the bank account of Zakat beneficiary.

We have integrated a highly protected and automated payment gateway through which you can safely and securely donate your zakat online.

You will receive the raised amount once your cause is completed.

Once your cause is completed, you can submit for withdrawal for funds collected on your cause.

If you are donating to an 80G compliant NGO through Indiazakat platform then you can request for an 80G tax exemption receipt from the NGO.

Every cause raiser has access to a dedicated Dashboard to view and manage all activities for the cause.

An Indian citizen from anywhere in the world can donate from any bank account in India.

Yes a NRI user can also donate Zakat by using any bank account in India.

Yes. A dedicated cause manager is assigned for each cause to support and guide during the entire cause lifecycle.

Yes, India Zakat has a dedicated team for the cause promotion at various social media channels, but we encourage you to promote it first in your friends and family.

Cash donations are not accepted. You can also donate via bank transfer option and make an RTGS/NEFT/IMPS directly into our bank account.

You may contact us at with your question and we will be glad to answer you as soon as we can.