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Scholarship Cause

Scholarship cause selected by our team

Raise scholarship fund for Sameer Mirza

Mirza Sameer Afsarbeg

About Me My name is Sameer Afsarbeg Mirza Zakat Eligibility...

Successfully Completed ₹20,500 Raised 102.50%

Goal ₹20,000

B.Ed-Raise scholarship fund for ABDUL MAJEED


About Me My name is ABDUL MAHEBOOB SAB MAJEED Zakat Eligibi...

Cause Ended! ₹1,500 Raised 15.00%

Goal ₹10,000

B.Com-Raise scholarship fund for UMME SALMA


About Me My name is UMME MOHAMMED AKBAR T R SALMA Zakat Eli...

Cause Ended! ₹15,750 Raised 32.72%

Goal ₹48,130

B.C.A-Raise scholarship fund for Mohammed Mubarak

Md Mubarak

About Me My name is Mohammed Mohammed Fayaz Mubarak Zakat E...

Cause Ended! ₹18,000 Raised 36.00%

Goal ₹50,000

Featured Causes

Causes selected by our team

Adopt an Orphan - Gift a life of dignity and hope!


AMP USA Project: To Monthly Support the Orphans in India

32 days left ₹260,050 Raised 26.01%

Goal ₹1,000,000

My daughter is suffering from transverse myelitis for 4 years help for the treatment of my dear daughter

Rahim Khan

My daughter is suffering from transversal militias for 4 yea

9 days left ₹76,600 Raised 38.30%

Goal ₹200,000

BE - Help studious sister Ameera pay her college fees to continue her B.E. course

Ameera Begum

Please help me with my engg course fee

Cause Ended! ₹31,401 Raised 31.40%

Goal ₹100,000

Support Orphan’s Education - Shape A Life


AMP - Orphan's Education Support

63 days left ₹214,222 Raised 21.42%

Goal ₹1,000,000


Recent Causes

I can become a CA,If you help me out

Mohammed Midlaj T

Help meritorious student, son of a Muaddin for his CA founda...

Successfully Completed ₹10,500 Raised 105.00%

Goal ₹10,000

Labour son need scholarship fund for

Sayyed Hashim Amir Ahmed

About Me My name is Hashim Amirahmed Sayyed Zakat Eligibili...

Cause Ended! ₹15,000 Raised 50.00%

Goal ₹30,000

Sister Afsana needs our help to fight 'SYSTEMATIC LUPUS & NEPHRITIS'


Help for treatment of a poor sister

12 days left ₹5,300 Raised 26.50%

Goal ₹20,000

Help old Lady for Urgent Eyes Operation

Shaikh Faizan IZC

Help Old Lady for Eyes Operation

17 days left ₹6,533 Raised 54.44%

Goal ₹12,000

A senior citizen needs urgent help for treatment of cancer

Syed ali

Moiden is affected with cancer, need help

42 days left ₹7,333 Raised 36.67%

Goal ₹20,000

BCom --Daughter of a house maid is struggling to pay her college fees - She has to pay the 2nd semester fees


BCom - need help for college fees

44 days left ₹4,700 Raised 31.33%

Goal ₹15,000

Urgent: Contribute to saving the life of this youngster by helping him get treatment on time.

Ayesha Aziz

funds required for treatment of a severe accident case

40 days left ₹18,800 Raised 18.80%

Goal ₹100,000

Raising funds for simple marriage of orphan sister Kainoor Khatoon scheduled to be held on 06th of June 2022.


We are requesting funds of Rs 25000 from kind donors.

7 days left ₹300 Raised 1.20%

Goal ₹25,000

Daily wager's daughter needs your support for her simple wedding

Afshan Fathima

Father sells vada in push cart vehicle - Nikkah in Masjid

7 days left ₹1,211 Raised 4.84%

Goal ₹25,000

Need help For the Marriage(Nikkah) of a financially backward Orphan sister


Need help for the nikkah

19 days left ₹25,000 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹25,000

Help required for sister Mehak's marriage - Contribute and establish a beloved sunnah of our prophet(PBUH)

rashida Khan

Need help for my daughter's marriage

21 days left ₹2,000 Raised 8.00%

Goal ₹25,000

Class 10th - student, son of a Salesmen in garments shop needs your support to continue his education

Vhora Uzair

Little Zaki, a student of class 10 is in dire need

39 days left ₹300 Raised 0.77%

Goal ₹38,830

Sister Mariyam need financial Help to build her small House

Shaikh Faizan IZC

Sister Mariyan need financial Help to build own House

40 days left ₹2,700 Raised 2.70%

Goal ₹100,000

Help a needy elderly brother with his day to day expenses

Zulfiqar Ali

I am struggling to feed my family, please help

40 days left ₹1,500 Raised 7.50%

Goal ₹20,000

Funds required for a id towards treatment of Typhoid and Blood Infection

Ayesha Aziz

Funds required for treatment of Typhoid and Blood Infection.

39 days left ₹6,250 Raised 15.63%

Goal ₹40,000

BSc - Daughter of a Labour Ms. Sameena Nagarboudi needs help to pay pending fees of her course Bachelor of Science first year.

Sameena Nagarboudi

Please help me to continue my education.

44 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹8,000

Help Sayeeda Fatima Pay her College Fee Post Graduation (Nutrition 2nd Year

Mahira Dilshan

Your generous contribution can save her future.

39 days left ₹2,000 Raised 5.00%

Goal ₹40,000

Son of a poor imam Needs your support to raise funds for 3rd Year BUMS course

Aman Shaikh

Need your whole hearted support to rais fund for education.

39 days left ₹1,100 Raised 0.58%

Goal ₹190,000

Help Mehvish Fatima pay her MBBS (4th year) Fees & become a doctor.

Umar Faruk

MBBS -Any donation will ease the burden on my family.

44 days left ₹250 Raised 0.28%

Goal ₹89,400

Help a widow sister to pay rupees 50000 as advance towards a single room house

Sadiqa Banu

Help widow sister to pay Rs 50K as advance to a single room

40 days left ₹1,050 Raised 2.10%

Goal ₹50,000

"A little help can make all the difference !"