Emergency Breast Cancer Operation Completed But Now Stuck With Debt And Restrictive Pandemic.

Sister Ayesha from Hubli suffered from breast cancer. She took loans to pay the bill. Now, the pandemic has impacted her family members plan to earn and return the money. Instead, those who had lent her require it in pandemic creating deep stress for her.


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Dear All,

Sister Ayesha was suffering from a resurgence of breast cancer. Some 5 years ago she underwent surgery on one breast and got better. But in 2020, suddenly her cancer showed resurgence and affected the other breast. And for this reason, she had to undergo an emergency operation.

Sister Ayesha took some loan from relatives and friends and paid the hospital bills. Now she lacks the means of returning the loans as the pandemic has continued impacting the incomegeneration for the family members. This has put them in a hard situation. While they are earning enough to meet the living expense somehow but it is not enough to return the people they have borrowed from.

Request you all to contribute and raise Rs 60,000 for Sister Ayesha and give her relief from the stress of debt.

May Allah give you more and accept all your duas’ and guide you on the right paths.

Jazak Allah


  • Mohd Maaz

  • Bilal Syed

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Created Apr 21, 2021 Hubli, Karnataka, India

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