Once again our Ulemas looking for your financial support in this pandemic situation and lockdown

Imams are our guides - let us join hands to support them in this pandemic scenario

Eligibleto receive Zakat - Yes


Once again Covid 19 is rapidly spreading and curfew has been imposed, Restrictions on religious gatherings are in force. Masjids are empty once again. Our Ulemas/Hafizs are the most important pillar of our deen. Today they need your help and support.

They are our leaders and Imams and guide of Deen ( Religion). They serve as a light to understand our deen, Quran and Teachings of our Prophet SAW. They are the ones who lead our prayers and Traveeh and provide us with an opportunity to listen to Allah's holy book in the auspicious month of Ramadan.

Last year Ramadan due to lockdown in the country the Tarveeh were not performed in Masjids. The situation is the same this year also. The Hafizs who use to recite Quran and lead as Imam in Tarveeh are jobless now. For many of them, it is an opportunity once in a year to win the bread. In Ramadan, people use to support wholeheartedly for such cause by Zakat, Sadqua.


The Masjids who have ample fund are supporting Imam & other expenses. But there are many Masjids who are dependent on the collection of money in Juma & Taraveeh. They are helpless to extend any support to these Hafizs.

We (team AMP Navi Mumbai) with the help of Jamaitul Ulema Hind have identified around 35 Maulana who are deserving Zakat candidates and really needy.
Last year many of you supported well for the same cause and the entire money was disbursed just before Chand Raat (Night before Eid) to 26 Hafizs. Humbly request to support the cause, the entire money will be disbursed before Eid within them through online transfer.
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    May Allah be kind on all of us ! Ameen

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#Update Jazakallah khair to all donors, we need few more may Allah SWT help us

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Created Apr 22, 2021 Navi Mumbai

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