Support a trained Mechanic from a Small Village for Self Employment - Your wholehearted support will make him self-reliant inshaAllah

Empower and Support a Trained Skilled Youth from Antalwada(Mahisagar, Gujarat) to start his own Small Motor Mechanic Garage


I am Shahrukh Khan son of Mr Latif Khan, from Antalwada(Mahisagar, Gujraat). I am 29 years old certified motor mechanic. I am the only bread-earner in my family. I have the responsibility to take care of my wife, 3 children and old aged parents. I worked in a garage for 9 years but lost my job due to the pandemic. Our family was also very badly affected due to the Gujarat riots in 2002. We came to better life gradually thereafter by Allah's grace. But we again are very badly affected owing to two lockdowns.
I want to establish my own motor garage to support my family livelihood and for my children education to improve their future and become self-employed.

For this, I require an initial investment of Rs 30000.

I do seek your kind help in my small effort to enhance our economic position and my children's future.
May Allah (SWT) accept all your dua and grant you great rewards.
JazakAllah Khair.


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Dr Bilal Sheth

Created Jul 08, 2021 Khanpur Dist Mahisagar

₹30,050 of ₹30,000 goal

100.17% Raised by 6 Donations
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