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Brother Ozair is in dire need of funds to continue his BTech graduation - Your assistance will help him continue his studi

Ozair Khan

Need assistance to pay my 1st year BTech fee Zakat Eligibility: Yes Assalamual...

12 days left ₹500 Raised 1.67%

Goal ₹30,000

Save the academic year of the labourer’s son and allow him to graduate timely.


Brother Sameer plans to apply for a job and earn to share his father’s res...

13 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹10,000

Naazneen Shaikh needs help with her school fees of Rs 12,180

Shaikh Nazneen Sikandar

Help little Nazneen pay her school fees of Rs 12,180 and allow her to continue h...

3 days left ₹12,180 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹12,180

A farmer's son needs your kind support to continue his BTech - Help brother Sidiq for his fee

Mohamed sidiq.I

Please contribute wholeheartedly towards my Btech course fee - My father's incom...

12 days left ₹1,100 Raised 4.40%

Goal ₹25,000

Sponsor the yearly Education of 10 Riot victim kids of North East Delhi - Sponsor a kid at just Rs. 18000/year

Aasif Mujtaba


43 days left ₹200 Raised 0.11%

Goal ₹180,000

Zakat to School for BPL Students

Najid Sarkhot

Support us with your Zakat, Sadaqa to impart education to the needy kids of the...

28 days left ₹83,900 Raised 10.49%

Goal ₹800,000

Help sister Fathima get back to her studies (BCom final year) and complete her course

Fathima Banu B

Sister Fathima comes from a financially weak family. She has been doing a job an...

2 days left ₹15,700 Raised 41.32%

Goal ₹38,000

Brother Ayub belongs to a very poor family and needs our financial support in completing his 12th standard.


Help Brother Ayub who is in 12th standard but unable to continue his education d...

2 days left ₹9,200 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹9,200

Sister Ayesha Yasmeen need you support to continue her Education - His poor father is struggling to unable to pay the fee

Mohamad Nayyar

Humble request to dear brothers & Sisters to help me pay the course fee for...

74 days left ₹1,000 Raised 1.40%

Goal ₹71,550

Imam sahib facing financial issue to continue his two daughters' studies in current pandemic.

Asif Ansari

Imam Mohammad is facing financial hardship due to the pandemic. He has not been...

13 days left ₹20,917 Raised 51.52%

Goal ₹40,600

Brother Rizwan is unable to pay his B.E. course fee due to the pandemic, he needs our support in completing his education.

Rizwan R Qureshi

Brother Rizwan is in his 3rd year of B.E. and needs our financial support in com...

43 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹115,000

Mizba an orphan sister seeks your generous help me to pay the fee of her final year hotel management course

mizba khan

I need assistance to pay my final year fee of BSc(Hospitality Studies) Zakat El...

28 days left ₹72,501 Raised 62.23%

Goal ₹116,500

Help a JAMIA B.TECH student pay his college fees - Being an Orphan he is finding it difficult to manage his fee

Mohammad Shahnawaz

Need your kind support for my second sem BTech course fee Zakat Eligible: YES...

36 days left ₹8,500 Raised 9.44%

Goal ₹90,000

Help the Son of a Taxi Driver complete his Diploma and Support his Family

Mohammed Salman Hamidulla...

Brother Salman is handicapped but he has worked hard to study and earn 74% in th...

29 days left ₹23,500 Raised 29.94%

Goal ₹78,500

41 years Old Darul Uloom Islamia Basti needs community help to survive.

Darul Uloom Al-Islamia Ba...

Contribute your Zakat, Sadqa to Darul Uloom Al-Islamia, Basti for thier maintena...

11 days left ₹27,600 Raised 13.80%

Goal ₹200,000

Request financial help to pay for my second year college fees - I am a student of Bachelor of Management Science


Help me with my second year BMS course fee - My father an auto driver is struggl...

41 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹21,000

This Ramazan help Madarsa students to buy deeniyat (Islamic) books - Your giving will educate needy students of this madarsa

Shaikh jawwad

Help required for deeniyat books ZAKAT ELIGIBLE: YES ASSALAM WALAIKUM WARAKMAT...

13 days left ₹59,700 Raised 75.57%

Goal ₹79,000

Please come forward and support for constructing a school in a rural area of Siddharth Nagar, UP - Contribute your Zakath & Sadqa to this noble cause

Shaikh jawwad

Bring the change by supporting the modern school for orphan and poor kids in one...

13 days left ₹35,186 Raised 7.04%

Goal ₹500,000

Donate Your ZAKAT to Markaz-e-Falah for providing EDUCATION to children from 225+ Deserving Poor Families


Join hands with us Markaz-E-Falah trust. Nerul to transform the lives of needy/d...

43 days left ₹315,895 Raised 63.18%

Goal ₹500,000

Help Sister Iram Become a Paramedic and Serve Humanity

Iram saba

Sister Iram from Mumbai seeks our help to raise her fees so that she can become...

28 days left ₹18,000 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹18,000

Jamiah Qasmiyah Arabic college, Chennai -- Orphan & Poor students who are learning Hifz-e-Qur'aan & Aalim Courses need your wholehearted support - Contribute Generously

Jamiah Qasmiyah Arabic Co...

Jamiah Qasmiyah Arabic college, Chennai is in dire need of support from generous...

43 days left ₹23,300 Raised 4.66%

Goal ₹500,000

PhD-Need financial support to continue my PhD in Library Information Science - My family condition is poor and I am not able to pay, I need your kind support


Brother from Kashmir Needs financial support for his higher education study (PhD...

7 days left ₹19,800 Raised 32.46%

Goal ₹61,000

Bachelor of Physiotherapy - Change the future of families by helping Sister Umaima earn her education

Shaikh umaima mansoor

Zakat Eligibility: YES Asalamwalaikum Dear All, I am Shaikh Umaima Mansoor fro...

13 days left ₹11,000 Raised 6.55%

Goal ₹168,000

A student of MA in Arabic needs a small help for his Exam fees - he is in his final year - Your small contribution would help him complete the course


Help me with my final year exam fee of MA in Arabic - fee is 4575, unfortunately...

3 days left ₹5,200 Raised 113.66%

Goal ₹4,575