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Support brother Zubair son of a carpenter who is unable to pay his school fee - Contribute for his fees

zuber saifi

I need your kind support to pay the school fee for my son Zubair Saifi studying...

12 days left ₹500 Raised 3.61%

Goal ₹13,855

I will be expelled if I do not pay the fee at the earliest- My father an Auto driver is unable to manage the expenses for my B.Sc Nursing studies - help me continue my studies and serve the needy

Adilbhai abowth

I need to pay the balance fee of BSc nursing by Feb 28th - else I will have to d...

3 days left ₹60,202 Raised 44.59%

Goal ₹135,000

F.Y.J.C (Junior college )-Raise a scholarship

Zaid Sadiq Mundewari

About Me-My name is Mondewari Zain Sadiq Zakat Eligible: YES Greetings – A...

11 days left ₹11,500 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹11,500

Sister Rajia fears she would not be allowed to write her 10th exams - Help this daughter of an auto driver for her fee

Rajia banu

Help me to write my SSLC exams as the fee is due & I am unable to continue m...

12 days left ₹2,000 Raised 5.00%

Goal ₹40,000

Help daughter of Auto driver to clear her B pharmacy fee

Shaikh jawwad

Sister Sadaf needs your support to pursue her 1st year of Pharmacy education. Z...

33 days left ₹10,500 Raised 15.00%

Goal ₹70,000

Brother Abdullah Fazal, son of a retired Imam needs your generous help for continuing his Bachelor in Pharmacy - Please help him

Shaikh jawwad

I want to accomplish my Bachelor’s but unable to do so because of poor fin...

33 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹65,000

Two needy children need your generous support to clear their school fees - Help them

Shaikh jawwad

Help us study further - Please contribute to our school fee ASSALAM WALAIKUM WA...

33 days left ₹10,000 Raised 47.62%

Goal ₹21,000

Help Our Orphan Brother Shabeeb Who Passed His 12th With Flying Colors To Continue His Education (Bsc. Nursing ).

Mohammed Shabeeb

Help me realize my dream of becoming a nurse and support my family - Need your k...

14 days left ₹36,150 Raised 37.66%

Goal ₹96,000

Brother Saeed is in dire need of funds to continue his BCA graduation - Your help will help him continue his studies

Shamsh Nawaz

Help me pay the fees for my BCA course - My father's business faced huge losses...

1 days left ₹33,500 Raised 47.86%

Goal ₹70,000

These innocent daughters of a Handicapped Rickshaw Driver need urgent help to continue their studies

Mujtaba Umair

Handicapped Rickshaw Driver needs urgent help to pay his children’s school...

4 days left ₹15,000 Raised 52.65%

Goal ₹28,490

Help our Brilliant Sister Humera in completing her Diploma Course in Medical Laboratory Technology

kazi humera irshad

I need your generous support to continue my Diploma In Medical Laboratory Techno...

17 days left ₹11,000 Raised 13.81%

Goal ₹79,650

Due to poor financial conditions, my dream of becoming a doctor might not come true

Adil Nizami K

Urgent Help required for completion of BAMS degree - My father, a labourer(paint...

26 days left ₹36,600 Raised 27.21%

Goal ₹134,500

Let us join hands to establish a Computer Lab at a 99 years old Madarsa to impart basic computer skills in order to help students with gainful employment in the future.

Mahmood Alam

Help sought to set up a computer lab to impart basic computer knowledge to the n...

2 days left ₹43,070 Raised 43.07%

Goal ₹100,000

Brother Muhammad Aznain is in dire needs of funds to continue his studies in Civil Engineering - Please contribute generously

Azmain Ansari

I need your generous support for my second year engineering fees Zakat Eligible...

No deadline ₹10,000 Raised 28.57%

Goal ₹35,000

A person's true wealth is the good he does in this world - Support brother Yusuf to complete his post graduate studies in Dentistry

Mohammed Yusuf shaikh

Need your kind support to continue my final year of Masters in Dentistry(MDS) -...

6 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹300,000

Doctors save lives - Help sister Ayesha daughter of a street vendor to continue her BHMS and motivate her to serve the society

Zulfiqar Ali

Help our Daughter to become a Doctor & serve the needy Zakat Eligible: YES...

26 days left ₹24,501 Raised 11.50%

Goal ₹213,000

Support the Poor ,Orphan and Needy Students for Study materials Distribution.

Saffic Mohammed

Need your generous support for distributing books and stationery to the poor &am...

2 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹50,000

Brother Feroze son of a Tailor is struggling to manage his educational expenses - Please support him for his fees

Shereen Sultsna

Help me pay the balance fee of my 12th and BCom Zakat Eligible: Yes Assalamuala...

14 days left ₹1,000 Raised 1.71%

Goal ₹58,400

Brother Nadeem is in his 3rd year of Engineering - Please support him as his family is unable to pay the fee

Khan Nadeem Ahmed

My jobless father is unable to pay my fee - help me continue my Mechanical engin...

12 days left ₹50 Raised 0.17%

Goal ₹30,000

Help son of a poor labourer - Brother Imran a Physiotherapy Student needs your support for the completion of course

Shaikh Imran Hussain Meht...

Help me complete my physiotherapy course - My father, a labourer is unable to af...

12 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹51,800

Help brother Rayan realize his dream of becoming a health professional - Support him for his final year B.Sc Radio Imaging Tech expenses

K f mohammed rayan

Help required for completion of BSC Radio imaging technology(3rd-year) - Help th...

25 days left ₹1,000 Raised 1.00%

Goal ₹100,000

A desperate father is appealing for help to pay the fee of his talented son pursuing BSc (Radiology Imaging Technology - Final Year)


Need your generous support for paying the final year fee of my son pursuingB.Sc....

2 days left ₹6,000 Raised 6.00%

Goal ₹100,000

Sister Aiman is brilliant student studying Biomedical Engineering - Don't let her drop out due to lack of funds - Please support him

Aiman khan

Need funds for second-year Engineering Education - I lost a year due to lack of...

33 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹122,869

Father lost his drawing teacher job and is unable to pay the school fee of his son studying in 7th - please help him


Help me pay the school fee of my kid studying in 7th standards Zakat Eligible:...

2 days left ₹3,600 Raised 31.30%

Goal ₹11,500