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Brother Husain had to go through a lot of struggle in his life, but he never let the spirit die - He needs our help for his 12th

Mohammad Hussain

Help an orphan brother for his 12th standard course fee Zakat Eligible: Yes Ass...

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Goal ₹12,850

A desperate father is seeking help to raise funds for his son's class 8 fee

Tayaba Yameen

Educate a child , educate a Nation- help 8th standard student continue his studi...

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Goal ₹29,270

Teachers encourage minds to think - Help sister Hajra realize her dream to become a teacher by pursuing BEd


Pandemic has hit my family's income hard - I have completed my MSc & want to...

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Goal ₹60,000

Fees should not become a hurdle for Brother Mohammed Noor Alam to chase his dream to become a Masters in Geography, support him

Mohd Noor Alam

Help a student pursue his masters in Geography, support him for his higher educa...

There is no time anymore-1 ₹28,000 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹28,000

Daughter Of Welder Needs Support for PG studies, MSc in Mathematics


Help a talented girl pursue her Masters in Mathematics Zakat Eligible: Yes Par...

15 days left ₹600 Raised 1.50%

Goal ₹40,000

Doctors are the lifeline of the society - Orphan MBBS student is struggling to bear the costly expenses, needs generous contributions from all for his fee

Nadeem Hamdule

Help a Student of Medicine(MBBS) who has run into huge financial difficulty foll...

56 days left ₹36,200 Raised 8.42%

Goal ₹430,000

He lost his father in his early childhood, he has come up the hard way and qualified for Engineering, help brother Saif to continue his B.Tech

Mohd Saif Abbas

An orphan brother needs your wholehearted support to continue his B.Tech, help h...

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Goal ₹117,500

Your Giving can make a huge change in sister Vajida Banu's academic journey - She is unable to Pay her BDS(Dental Surgery) Fee


Sister Vajida a Student of dental sciences used to take tuitions to fund her cou...

26 days left ₹14,800 Raised 14.80%

Goal ₹100,000

Lab technicians are the need of the hour in crisis situations like Covid - Help brother Majnul complete his Lab Technician course,

Majnul Hoque

Son of a very small farmer is seeking our help to pay the course fee for DLMT(la...

4 days left ₹50 Raised 0.06%

Goal ₹90,000

Brother Nadeem has overcome all the hardships that he had to face as an orphan and is in the final year of his B.Tech - He needs our support to cross this final hurdle, help him pay his fee

Nadeem Akhtar

I am in my final year of B.Tech, I have to pay the college fee because of covid...

6 days left ₹25,012 Raised 100.05%

Goal ₹25,000

Brother Saud is in Dire need of funds for his BCA admission - He might have to take the hard decision of quitting his dream if he does not get timely help


Seeking Financial Help to pay college fee of BCA - please contribute generously...

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Goal ₹92,000

Brother Mustaqeem needs your support to become a Civil engineer - It is very rare to find a Hafiz E Quran pursue professional education


Brother Mustaqeem is a Hafiz now pursuing Diploma in Civil Engg, help him realiz...

25 days left ₹11,700 Raised 39.00%

Goal ₹30,000

Ask the importance of one year from a student who has lost his semester. Let this not pinch our brother through his entire life

Anubhav Rakesh Shukla


25 days left ₹500 Raised 0.56%

Goal ₹89,804

Shabnam is a bright medical student, but won't be able to become a Doctor if we do not support her education. Please help her, Doctors are the need of the hour


Sister Shabnam a student of Medicine (BUMS) needs your support for her 2nd-year...

4 days left ₹500 Raised 0.33%

Goal ₹150,000

Fee for B.Tech Becoming Difficult as My Father Lost his Job- Please help me to complete my B.Tech.

mujassam taukir khan

Contributions sought by B.Tech student for his 5th-semester fees Zakat Eligible...

19 days left ₹4,160 Raised 7.56%

Goal ₹55,000

Saima a D. Pharma student daughter of a laborer, needs help to continue her education


I do not want to discontinue my education as my father's income is insufficient...

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Goal ₹30,000

Orphan brother-Mohammed Zaid is struggling to complete his BHMS. Kindly donate and motivate him to complete his education


Zaid's mom is suffering from schizophrenia and he doesn't have money to pay the...

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Goal ₹57,000

Support a deserving girl for pursuing MBBS 2nd Year

S M H Qadri

Generous contributions sought by a sister pursuing her MBBS degree for her 2nd-y...

9 days left ₹21,000 Raised 14.00%

Goal ₹150,000

Fee for B. Arch from Anna University Chennai

Mohammed Rayeesul Islam M...

Brother Anees is seeking donations for his Final Year B.Arch fee Zakat Eligible...

1 days left ₹38,450 Raised 24.81%

Goal ₹155,000

Need financial support to complete my last year of civil engineering

Khan Firoz Abdul Wahid

Help brother Firoz for his Final Year Civil Engineering course fees Zakat Eligi...

24 days left ₹2,500 Raised 4.24%

Goal ₹59,000

Please help me to become a Doctor

Mohmmad Asfak

-- Help brother Asfak in pursuing his degree in medicine -- Zakat Eligibility :...

24 days left ₹3,500 Raised 2.92%

Goal ₹120,000

Sister Tabbu Sultana needs support to pay her children's school fee

Syed Furquan Ahmed

Desperate mother is seeking help for school fees of her children Zakat Eligible...

25 days left ₹10,100 Raised 12.24%

Goal ₹82,500

Help needed for admission to 11th standard

Saba Salim Sayed

-- Sister Saba is in urgent need of funds for her 11th class fees -- Zakat Elig...

4 days left ₹2,300 Raised 9.58%

Goal ₹24,000

An orphan needs monetary support to pay his FY BSC Animation fee

Amir Shaikh Alim

Brother Amir lost his father in 2011 due to pneumonia.And now struggling hard to...

24 days left ₹16,950 Raised 48.43%

Goal ₹35,000