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B-Pharm -- A meritorious and supremely talented lower middle class boy seeks your help to continue his studies.

Syed Etemaad Syed Wiquar

Need your wholehearted support to raise Rs 80,000 for fees.

22 days left ₹10,260 Raised 12.83%

Goal ₹80,000

Brother Mustaqeem is a Hafiz now pursuing Diploma in Civil Engg, help him realize his goal of becoming a civil engineer


give me support for completing my diploma

40 days left ₹1,600 Raised 4.85%

Goal ₹33,000

Help the son of a driver complete his education – B. Tech (IT)

Mohammed Amjid

I request all of them to help me and pray for me and my fami

39 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹50,000

Require fee amount to complete his B Pharmacy and start earning to support his family

Arfath Ali Khan

To continue my final year of B pharmacy need scholarship.pls

11 days left ₹500 Raised 0.83%

Goal ₹60,000

MBBS - I Need Your help to become a doctor - help me achieve my goal and to serve the needy


Help a budding doctor pay his fees

37 days left ₹59,500 Raised 29.75%

Goal ₹200,000

Help Sister Iram continue and complete her diploma and become a successful teacher

Asiya Banu Sabaat Imam

Please come forward to help a needy sister

14 days left ₹50 Raised 0.33%

Goal ₹15,000

BPharma -- Visually Impaired student, Salman needs monetary assistance to pay third year B Pharma Fee.

Salman Raju Maniyar

i Salman Raju Maniyar blind from one eye need financial help

70 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹55,000

BCA - Kindly come forward to support Alfiya Ameena in completing her BCA

Alfiya Ameena

Kindly help me complete my education

35 days left ₹2,790 Raised 11.16%

Goal ₹25,000

Daughter of a garage worker, Tahbila needs monetary assistance to pay 2nd year BCA Fee.

Tahbila Khanum

need donation to pay fees as my father is jobless

35 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹20,000

Pharmacy - Seeking your wholehearted contribution for the education of a Maulana's daughter

Hafsa Abdul Waheed

Please contribute towards Dpharma fees

30 days left ₹3,200 Raised 5.82%

Goal ₹55,000

Nursing(final) - Let us help realize the Dream of construction worker's son to pursue a career in Nursing


Dream of Daily wager's son to pursue Nursing career

27 days left ₹7,800 Raised 26.00%

Goal ₹30,000 - I am in my final year of my studies and finding it extremely hard to continue my studies as we have no savings to pay my fee - Please help me

saboor ahmad

I am unable to pay fees f my MTECH final

30 days left ₹7,200 Raised 11.22%

Goal ₹64,180