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Scholarship Cause

Scholarship cause selected by our team

Help Affan Bule for B.M.S marketing


Brother Affan is seeking a scholarship for his graduation in Marketing Zakat El...

Cause Ended! ₹12,000 Raised 60.00%

Goal ₹20,000

Raise scholarship fund for Jabeen Fathima's MBBS course fee

Jabeen Fathima

-- Please contribute for sister Jabeen Fathima's MBBS course fee-- Zakat Eligib...

25 days left ₹24,800 Raised 49.60%

Goal ₹50,000

Raise scholarship fund for Mohammed Imran

Mohammed Imran

Brother Imran a final year Mechanical Engineering student needs your financial s...

Cause Ended! ₹10,000 Raised 66.67%

Goal ₹15,000

Raise scholarship fund for Amtul Afsheen

Amtul Afsheen

-- Amtul Afsheen needs your donations to complete her Final Year Engineering cou...

32 days left ₹10,000 Raised 16.00%

Goal ₹62,500

Featured Causes

Causes selected by our team

Saima a D. Pharma student daughter of a laborer, needs help to continue her education


I do not want to discontinue my education as my father's income is insufficient...

46 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹30,000

Schooling is the basic foundation of any individual, Shaikh Mahera wants help for her & her sibling's school fee

Shaikh mahera

Help Mahera and her siblings by contributing towards thier school fee, prevent t...

Cause Ended! ₹3,000 Raised 8.92%

Goal ₹33,640

Please help me to become a Doctor

Mohmmad Asfak

-- Help brother Asfak in pursuing his degree in medicine -- Zakat Eligibility :...

24 days left ₹3,500 Raised 2.92%

Goal ₹120,000

Support Orphan Students For Education


Seeking contributions for educating needy orphan students of classes 1 to 12...

Last day ₹66,200 Raised 58.07%

Goal ₹114,000


Recent Causes

Urgent Help please - My brother met with serious accident, he used to work as a delivery boy and is the sole bread winner for our family. Please help

Salma Siyamwala

URGENT - Help poor young delivery boy for his operation, desperate sister has so...

Cause Ended! ₹109,501 Raised 54.75%

Goal ₹200,000

Teachers encourage minds to think - Help sister Hajra realize her dream to become a teacher by pursuing BEd


Pandemic has hit my family's income hard - I have completed my MSc & want to...

4 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹60,000

Let him not feel he is an orphan, help him start his education by contributing towards his 1st standard fee


Orphan kid Tippu needs your support for his 1st Standard fee, he aims to be a Do...

19 days left ₹700 Raised 5.60%

Goal ₹12,500

Fee should not become a hurdle for this innocent orphan kid who is just starting her education, help her generously


Support orphan child Shahista for her Upper Kindergarten (UKG) fees. Zakat Elig...

19 days left ₹700 Raised 5.83%

Goal ₹12,000

Fees should not become a hurdle for Brother Mohammed Noor Alam to chase his dream to become a Masters in Geography, support him

Mohd Noor Alam

Help a student pursue his masters in Geography, support him for his higher educa...

There is no time anymore-1 ₹28,000 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹28,000

Covid has impacted many daily wagers, they need our support to get on with their lives

Mujtaba Umair

Help poor and needy with their small business, support them to become self-relia...

25 days left ₹50,000 Raised 50.00%

Goal ₹100,000

Educate a girl to educate a family. These orphan girls have a brilliant future ahead, they need your support

Mujtaba Umair

Help deserving Orphan girl students studying in 12th standard , don't let them d...

4 days left ₹65,500 Raised 72.75%

Goal ₹90,030

Daughter Of Welder Needs Support for PG studies, MSc in Mathematics


Help a talented girl pursue her Masters in Mathematics Zakat Eligible: Yes Par...

15 days left ₹600 Raised 1.50%

Goal ₹40,000

Urgent help required for brother for his chronic kidney disease and various infections

Shaikh jawwad


25 days left ₹15,000 Raised 37.50%

Goal ₹40,000

Urgent requirement for treatment

Faheema banu

Urgent help required for a Masjid muwazan who has got brain stroke and underwent...

Successfully Completed ₹102,250 Raised 102.25%

Goal ₹100,000

Doctors are the lifeline of the society - Orphan MBBS student is struggling to bear the costly expenses, needs generous contributions from all for his fee

Nadeem Hamdule

Help a Student of Medicine(MBBS) who has run into huge financial difficulty foll...

56 days left ₹36,200 Raised 8.42%

Goal ₹430,000

A wedding is a wonderful story , we'll help you tell it , be the donor & help, Sister Azra Khatun get married.

Azra Khatun

Help sister Azra for her Nikah, she is orphan and finding it difficult to manage...

14 days left ₹7,000 Raised 35.00%

Goal ₹20,000

"A little help can make all the difference !"