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About Me
My name is Khan Zubair

Zakat Eligibility:Yes

My Story:
Assalamualaikum warehmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

Due to the lockdown, my dad's business was shut down & we have no other way of earning after that we sell our village property which is not sufficient for my family but we manage, for some personal issues we lost our business. Now my dad is now doing some kind of driving & his salary is around 15,000, in that amount we run our house that's why I want this scholarship.

My family background:
There are a total of 9 members in my family. Out of which 1 earning member & 8 dependent members.
& the annual income of my family is Less than Rs. 1 Lakh.

Following are my Current Academic Results
College / Institute Name: Anjuman I Islam Kalsekar Technical Campus
Specialization: Automation & Artificial Intelligence
University: Mumbai University
In Which Year: Final Year
Course Type: Postgraduate
Score: 0 out of 0 (0%)

Following are my HSC Details
College / Institute Name: Anjuman I Islam Kalsekar Polytechnic
Specialization / Stream: Others
Specialization: Diploma
University / Board: Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education
Pass out year: 2019
Course Type: Diploma
Score: 1044 out of 1700 (61.41%)

Following are my SSC Details
School Name: Sree Narayana Guru High School
University / Board: Maharashtra State Board
Pass out year: 2016
Score: 380 out of 500 (76%)


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Zubair Khan

Created 27/Aug/2022
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