Help Thalassemia major patient Aqdas Tahir fight this deadly disease.

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Location: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 

A desperate plea for assistance for 15-year-old Aqdas Tahir, who is fighting a relentless battle against Thalassemia Major, a severe blood disorder that has shaken his young life to its core. As his family stands beside him, they face an overwhelming burden, both emotionally and financially.

The treatment, taking place at the Christian Medical College and Hospital  Vellore Ranipet Tamil Nadu comes at a giant cost of INR 15,00,000 Rs - a sum that is beyond the means of the family. 

The father of Aqdas Tahir is the only source of income for the family, working long hours to meet their necessities. They are now faced with a daunting issue due to the rising costs of their son's life-saving medical treatment. 

India Zakat appeals to you to contribute to this emergency healthcare fundraiser. If monetary assistance is not possible at this time, please help us spread the word by sharing this campaign on social media platforms, amongst friends, and within your community. 

Your generous contributions will directly cover the cost of for blood transfusions, a vital lifeline that sustains him and enables him to live each day with renewed strength.