Sister Firdosh Jaha needs help to buy a Pico Machine; help her to boost her Stiching business.

100.00 %

₹ 10,500 Raised

₹ 10,500 Goal

Successfully Completed

Livelihood Support

Zakat Eligible

Zakat Eligible: YES
Location: Bhopal, M.P.

This is Firdosh Jaha. Her husb& drives a private vehicle & earns around 6000/- monthly.
Her family consists of 4 members (Husb&, son & one daughter) including her.
She is a very good tailor & has a lot of orders. They had taken a Sewing Machine already. Her requairment is to buy a PICO Fall Machine. She is facing difficulties due to the lack of a PICO Machine. I request you all please help her to improve her Silai Center.

The Sympathy Foundation investigated about her by visiting her house &, according to their investigation, she is needy. She must be helped.


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Association Of Muslim Professionals

₹ 8700.00

9 months ago

₹ 1000.00

10 months ago
mansoor ali

₹ 300.00

10 months ago

₹ 500.00

11 months ago


Created 22/Jun/2022
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