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IndiaZakat is a project floated by the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) with a view to bring the Zakat Seekers and Zakat Givers on a unified platform.
The Online Platform of IndiaZakat.com has been developed, maintained and hosted by Aiolos Cloud Solutions and all IT expenses are borne by Aiolos Cloud.
The objective of IndiaZakat is to undertake its operations purely with the intent of bringing socio-economic transformation in the lives of the people, without seeking to generate any commercial surplus. Zakat is a mandatory charity which Muslims are obliged to pay if wealth is above a threshold limit in a year. Although most people dispense the necessary Zakat amount, it is unorganized to a great extent. Such unorganized disbursement isn’t a sustainable solution to the backwardness of the community. Therefore, AMP has decided to undertake an initiative for implementation of a collective system of Zakat. This platform, IndiaZakat.com is a step in the direction of mobilizing the collection of Zakat, Sadqa, Fitra and other charities in a collaborative way and channelise these collections for providing benefits to the poor and backward sections of the society for their overall survival, upliftment, development and growth.


The Association of Muslim Professionals is a Section-8 Company (Non-Profit) registered under the Companies Act 2013, with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). It is a non-profit organization of Muslim professionals and volunteers to share their knowledge, intellect, experience and skills for the overall development of the society and empowering the community on the Educational, Social, Political and Economic fronts of life.  


AMP has more than 125 active Chapters across India and is growing further with a strong presence of professional base across the country. It was founded by a group of citizens in India and is entirely funded by its members and socially-aware individuals. Its financial records are audited annually and are presented to its members.


To transform Zakat seeker of today into Zakat giver of tomorrow


  • To launch IndiaZakat.com platform with a high level of commitment and dedication to implement a centralized Zakat system with the consolidated efforts of different NGOs working across India for Zakat mobilization and collection of charities.
  • To make this platform efficient and reliable, to ensure smooth transfer of funds for specific projects.
  • To infuse a sense of well-being in the donor for both Deen and Duniya in following the principles of Zakat and other charities.
  • To instill a high degree of cohesiveness between the members of different Schools of Thought(Madhabs) to bring all of them together on one unified platform for the overall upliftment and progress of our community.
  • To work for the fulfillment of Zakat objectives, to a high degree of satisfaction of all stakeholders.
  • To stay highly committed, motivated and aligned as a Team, working towards a common goal.


  • To create a centralized national level digital platform for effective utilization of Zakat
  • To create user-friendly, secured, trusted and transparent platform to govern Zakat Management system
  • To bring the Zakat givers and Zakat takers on one platform with real time statistics
  • To leverage Zakat as a tool for Socio-economic transformation, under the guidance of the Ulema and Islamic finance experts.


  • We are open and transparent in our actions and dealings
  • We take steps to address the needs of all stakeholders and ensure their satisfaction.
  • We collaborate with each other for the success of the Zakat platform.
  • We maintain a cohesive and friendly work environment with all NGOs working in the field of Zakat mobilization.
  • We value each other’s time and views.
  • We are clear and concise in our communication.