60+years old aged Sr citizen needs support for income from unani remedies by repairing damaged lab instruments in his lab..

Support 60+aged Senior citizen unani HAKEEM to earn for himself and family with his 34+yrs experience in Unani remedies. Help in repairing his damaged lab instruments..

Zakat Eligible: yes

Helpseeker is JanabHakeem Mohammed Moinuddin sahab is a senior citizen 60+ years old with 34+years of services in few most reputed brands of India in unani medicines and promotions of alternative medicines of Indian major brands..

In year 1998 Hakeem Mohammed Moinuddin sahab registered his unani pharmacy remedies with few market need based unique remedies for various treatments..

He has spent all his 30+ years in service for the deserving and the needful by travelling to patient's home and providing remedies at doorsteps till date in villages, towns, cities in Karnataka state, Andhra state and Telangana state..

Lockdown 2020 destroyed his TINY income sources useful for himself, his family and his EBC poor patients. Old aged Hakeem Sahab unable to recover from the damages in the tiny lab at a home loss and insufficient availability of herbal raw material due to no financial backup and still struggling to stand up on his own feet to start production of his unani remedies for the benefit of the needful patients and start earning income for his family..

He had been treating patients with remarkable results to control diabetes, BP, joint pains and other chronic diseases.. His patients mostly from economically backward class give low profits for efforts or mostly no profits..

His remedies include:
Stop Hairfall..(effective hair oil)
Weight and height improvement supplement for growing children..
Weight loss therapy.
and more others..

Presently Hakeem Mohammed Moinuddin sahab has undergone loss by damaged instruments in his manufacting unit and he needs urgent support to help him start his manufacturing unit with lab instruments and raw materials..

Hakeem Mohammed Moinuddin Sahab is in need of about Rs.45,000. towards purchasing new instruments for his tiny lab + raw materials and start producing his tiny unit again and He could earn his income and support his dependent family members wife and 3 dependent children 1 son (student) and 2 unmarried daughters at his rented house in Bolarum, Secunderabad(Hyderabad) Telangana state India..

From over 30+ years he had been treating patients with nominal affordable cost of medicine in between rs.1 to max rs.500. till date,(free for deserving patients irrespective of creed caste religion race) since he never exploited the suffering patients and never misguided or mislead his patients.. Hence leading a normal common man lifestyle without saving extra money either for property or popularity..

Hakeem Mohammed Moinuddin sahab never ever obtained any loans from banks or industrial benefits subsidies programs neither willing to share his services under banking interests(usury) transactions..

Hakeem Mohammed Moinuddin sahab is requesting the honorable, generous, noble, donors to support to start his tiny manufacturing unit as his self employment, self dependent platform and indirectly donors could be supporting deserving patients by strengthening his active services..

Kindly support senior citizen Hakeem Mohammed Moinuddin sahab by your donations (or) share and forward among needful friends and patients,.......

KYC Authenticity of requirement is verifiable for endorsement from:
UKVSS(19 year old NGO)founder Hyderabad and SHE Human Development Foundation Hyderabd more other beneficiaries and reputed organisations at Hyderabad.

Donors could verify His requirement by phone call and also visit to his tiny manufacturing unit in Bolarum Secunderabad..With testimonials of satisfied patients from 3 states..


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    60+years old aged Sr citizen needs support for income from unani remedies

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