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"He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything" –proverb
India has made rapid strides in the health sector since independence. Still, the ground reality indicates that access to healthcare by the underprivileged remains a big challenge.
The need of the hour was thus a two-pronged approach – first to provide quality healthcare services to the needy at an affordable cost and second to promote healthcare awareness programs among the underprivileged.
We formed Rahat Society for Social Welfare in Bhopal (M.P) with the primary mission to solely address the needs of the weak, downtrodden and not-so-fortunate section of the society. We then recently acquired “CHEHEK GENERAL HOSPITAL” to practically implement the vision.
The salient features of “CHEHEK GENERAL HOSPITAL” are as under:
· The USP of our hospital is that we will are treating patients with quality treatment at reasonable rates, without burdening them with unnecessary investigation charges or stay, with full professionalism and transparency. Just an example the delivery package in Chahak is as below:
  • Normal Delivery- Rs 6500 (General Ward), Rs 7000 (Private Ward) and Rs 8000 (Deluxe ward)
  • Delivery by Operation - Rs 17500 (General Ward), Rs 20000 (Private Ward) and Rs 22000 (Deluxe Ward)
· We have roped in like-minded top notch and highly experienced Medicos from our network, loaded with passion to serve the mankind. They are offering their services in both OPD and IPD patients at minimal cost.
· We have setup an in-house Medical store which will stock Generic and Ethical medicines and provide heavy discount (15 - 30%) on medicines and surgical equipment, possible because no doctor will be linked to this pharmacy for commission or any other incentive. All the margins are being passed over to the patient, after keeping small percentage, necessary only to sustain it and maintain the operational costs.
· In a second-tier city like Bhopal we observed number of woman not willing to take necessary medical help just because they were hesitant to visit male doctors because of social and cultural restrictions. The highlight of this hospital is to operate a fully equipped all female gynecology department, which includes Female Gynecologists, Female anesthetists, Female OT Technicians and Female nursing staff.
· We also conduct weekly free medical and medicine distribution camps in the underdevloped areas / slums across the city.
· Also in pipeline is setting up of a high-tech investigation laboratory. Main attraction and feature of this lab will again be offering high quality professional service at a very reasonable cost.
Since the inception of the idea we have collected and spent over 20 lakhs below is the breakup of the expenditure:
  • Infrastructure changes to the hospital building: 16+ Lakhs
  • Lift installation: 4.5 Lakhs
  • Operation Theatre Setup: 95 Thousand
With these upfront non-preventable and necessary investment, we have dried our donation corpus though alhumdullilah we have now started getting patients but because of very low margins we require support to cover our operation costs which is around 2.25 - 2.5 lakhs per month for next three months.

We are seeking 6 lakhs from generous donors towards this noble cause.

With the current flow of patients, we will be able to break even with the operational costs in next 3-4 months inshaAllah.


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    Was very impressed when I visited the hospital. Please keep up the good work

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    Referred by Md. Munis

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