Quraan the truth foundation needs your support to serve the needy

Extend your support to QTTF charity organization to provide ration kits and other relief to the needy from Mumbai

Zakat Eligible: YES

Quraan the truth foundation (QTTF
) is front running charity organization at Navi Mumbai. As the name resembles it follows and practices the Quraan preaching religiously. The QTTF runs multiple deen courses such as – Mutalae Quraan, Siratul Nabi, Faihmul Quraan, Arabee grammar and many more courses. Last year also the fundraising was done on India Zakat so we are back again with a humble request to support us with your Zakat, Sadqua.
Since last year Ramadan QTTF has contributed to society immensely not only in Navi Mumbai rather the whole Mumbai region and some parts of Maharashtra. Some of the major activities are as under-
  • Supported around 5000 destitute during lockdown by providing Ration kits and spent approximately Rs.15 Lakhs
  • The ration distribution is still going on to selected needy families at Govandi, Cheeta Camp and Turbhe
  • Spent Rs.10 Lakhs on rehabilitation of victims of Cyclone Nisarga. Distributed roof Tin shade, food and clothes in the community to the grossly affected villages in Ratnagiri
  • A village at Turbhe has been adopted for supporting underprivileged families
  • Arabic& Quraan classes are organized regularly free of cost for underprivileged
  • Has financed Rs. 14.5 Lakhs the fee needy Students of the primary standard to College
  • Running free Coaching classes for X-XII at Govandi & Cheetah Camp for underprivileged
  • Has supported 100-200 patients for various diseases Cancer, Kidney problem etc.
  • There is regular support to appx 50 patients with Thalassemia & Dialysis.
A huge amount of money is required to manage and run all these activities and trust us every penny is spent honestly for the purpose of humanity. The account books are being maintained in a very transparent manner. Alhamdullilah Almighty Allah SWT has been kind enough to us and keeps sending kind-hearted good people like you who generously donate.
This is the holy month of Ramadan, whoever spends the money for a noble cause gets its reward immensely by Allah SWT. A humble request to all of you to donate your Zakat, Sadqua for humanity and serving the community. May Allah SWT reward you immensely in Akhirah.
Jazak Allah Khair


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#Update Alhamdulillah people are noticing noble work of QTTF

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Created Apr 24, 2021 Navi Mumbai

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