Help Brother Shahid a maulana for his daily expenses - his poor family is going through very hard times

I used to be a Madrasa teacher before it was shut due to lockdown - I am struggling for me daily needs - please help



MOHAMMAD Shahid Raza is a resident of Mumbai. Earlier he was teaching to madarsa students but due to covid last year unfortunately madarsa was shut down. From last year he has no proper source of income.

Anyhow he was managing to run his family. But now it has become very difficult to run a house without proper work or a job.As there is a lockdown in Mumbai with all work are shut, it's more difficult for him to earn now.

His family condition should be improved.
If we can arrange 40000 from for him inshallah soon he will be well settled.

It is our duty to help our scholars who are struggling for their livelihood.
Please contribute your Zakat/Sadqa this Ramdan and help this brother in need
JazakAllah khair
  • Zoheb Nisar Shaikh


    Sadqa Fitr for 2 person. 185 each

  • Bilal Syed

  • Zoheb Nisar Shaikh

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Syed Beema Nisha

  • Anonymous


    May Allah make this easy for you and accept this form us

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Ansa Usmani

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