Donate your Zakat here for distribution of ration kits to the needy

Delhi Youth Welfare Association (DYWA) is an old Delhi based NGO which is actively distribution ration kit to 100 families which can help a family of four members to survive for 15 days.

Zakat Eligibility: YES

Assalam Alaykum,

Dear All,

Donating Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. This year, as India faces such an unprecedented crisis, let your Zakat make a difference by saving lives from hunger!

Delhi Youth Welfare Association (DYWA) was started in December 1990. The team scrutinized all the hindrances that were accountable for the low standard of education in the old Delhi, the walled city, and started working on eradication of such deterrents for students.

Primarily the association was active in the field of education. But with this extraordinary crisis, the DYWA is actively participating to help citizens survive this Pandemic.

We invite all our brothers and sisters to join us and help us raise Rs 1 lakh which will be used to make ration kits of having basic food worth approximately Rs.1,000/- each to suffice and support a family of 4-members for 15 days. With this effort, we will be able to give support to 200 families.

You can check out the images on our social media pages for daily updates of your donations and other activities that we will be pursuing:


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₹100,220 of ₹200,000 goal

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