URGENT -- Help Aligarh with 100 Oxygen Cylinders to Tackle Oxygen Crisis and Crumbled Infrastructure

Extend your wholehearted support to the students of Aligarh Muslim University in this noble cause - Your giving will help procure 100 Oxygen Cylinders to the needy in Aligarh

Over the past 2 weeks, over 26 serving and retired faculty members have succumbed to coronavirus infection, and several others are currently suffering from it. Besides them, numerous non-teaching staff and students are struggling with the virus.

Aligarh Muslim University's (AMU) Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital (JNMCH) is a centre of excellence in medical education and treatment and has a long history of catering to the medical needs of Aligarh and surrounding districts.

Yet, while we AMU students would have been grieving if the situation was normal, we are volunteering to serve the needy. We are on the ground arranging oxygen cylinders, carrying out the distribution of masks and other protective shields in slum areas, and even helping in the last rites of patients who succumbed to the virus.

We are coordinating with various groups and organizations at multiple levels to arrange sufficient supply for Aligarh. However, as the pandemic rages violently on the one hand, and with the increasing cost of oxygen cylinders and other required instruments like the CPAP and BiPAP machines, on the other hand, we have almost run out of funds.

Therefore, we appeal to you through this platform to help us financially and contribute your bit in helping the desperate victims of coronavirus in Aligarh.

We intend to raise 10 lakh rupees to procure 100 cylinders for the city of Aligarh. Please donate wholeheartedly.

If somebody intends to help us with kind, in the form of cylinders or other items, that would be helpful as well!

Donate your Sadqa/kaffara/interest money to this noble cause.

Help us save our city, In Sha Allah.


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    May Allah accept this for such noble cause

  • Khatri

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  • Saima Kareem


    Kindly use sadaqah to help the needy.

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  • Faizan Ahmed Tughlaq

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