A road accident victim, brother Imtiyaz needs funds for his leg operation on an urgent basis. Support with your zakat him for speedy recovery in the month of Ramadan.  

A road accident brother Imtiyaz needs funds for his leg’s operation on an urgent basis. Support with your zakat him for speedy recovery in the month of Ramadan.



Brother Imtiyaz (age 44) from Bihar, is in dire need of funds for his leg’s operation and basic survival for a family. Dr. advised him for plastic surgery for recover to his leg. He met with a road accident last month in Delhi, while he was travelling to look for a livelihood opportunity in a pandemic for family survival.

Brother Imtiyaz belongs to District Khagadiya, Bihar and daily wage labour on tailoring work in a cloth factory in Delhi for 5 year but he had to leave his livelihood source due to shut down a factory in pandemic last year.

Somehow, the family survived through savings last year but the present pandemic left out them without work, earnings and savings. Currently, the family is in trouble for medical treatment and basic survival.

Imtiyaz is the sole bread earner of the family and nowadays seeking fund support with community people outside the masjid in compulsion. He has the responsibility of a wife, 5 daughters and 1 boy. He is living in a 10X10 room to pay Rs 2500/- month rent. He is worried about medical operations, home rent and his family’s basic survival.

He requires an Amount Rs- 1, 20,000-/ (Leg operation +Rent+ Family survival) and seeking zakat’s support from Muslim sister and brothers. We have verified her situation with an on-ground visit and found him to be a genuine zakat seeker.

Request all to please come forward and help this family so that the month of Ramadan brings ease for him. May Allah (SWT) make us all a source for her poverty alleviation.

Jazakallahu Khairan


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    May Allah SWT bless you with the best of this world and the next

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#Update Imtiyaz's wife Gulafsha, is trying to earn some amount for family survival through her skill. She knows tailoring work and nowadays stitches clothes of neighbors in her rented 10x10 feet room. She is eagerly waiting for husband's leg operation and back to normal life.
(Picture clicked on last day of Ramadan, 13 may 2021 by Rihan)


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