Bachelor Of Engineering B.E (CSE) - Orphan Brother Ayaz from Bengaluru needs your support to continue his studies

Help me pay my second instalment of the annual fee for my Engineering course B.E(CSE).


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu,
My name is Mohammed Ayaz from Bengaluru, Karnataka.
My father is no more and Our financial condition is not good. In this pandemic situation, and lockdowns we are facing lots of financial issues and struggling to manage our daily expenses.

I really need this scholarship or Zakat to submit my fees to my Engineering college.
So please provide me with support. I applied for a scholarship of only 30k.In my college fees, 10k is already transferred 1 month ago. And right now I am still waiting remaining 20k scholarship amount.
There are 5 members of my family. Out of which one earning member and 5 dependent members.
The annual income of my family is less than Rs 1,00000.

My college fee is 73750 per year. I somehow managed to pay the first instalment of 43000.
Now I need to pay the remaining amount of 20000 in before till June 15 month. Because I am a final 4th year 8th sem student. My engineering will complete at the end of July. So my college forces me you have to pay the fees before 15 June.

I need support for 20000 from you kind donors.

Need your kind support to continue my engineering studies.


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    May Allah grant you success in your endeavours

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    fi sabi lillah

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