Help sister raise Rs 25K to establish a shop and ease her financial burden

Sister Haseena from Vellore is trying to help her family by establishing a business and earn at a time when her husband has lost his job to the pandemic.

Zakat Eligibility: YES

Dear All,

Sister Haseena Khan is from Vellore. Her husband was working in a shoe shop as a salesperson but with the onset of the pandemic, he has lost his job. And the family was plunged into a financial crisis. Though they have managed to survive so far; but things are becoming difficult now.

To ease the financial pressure on the family, Sister Haseena wants to start her own business of sales of clothes at her house.

We request all our brothers’ and sisters’ to come forward and help the sister raise Rs 25,000 and allow her a chance to establish a business and earn a livelihood for the family.

Jazakallah Khair


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    I love my muslim brother and sister . Obey Islam

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Created Jul 05, 2021 GUDIYATTAM, VELLORE

₹25,000 of ₹25,000 goal

100.00% Raised by 6 Donations
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