BA in English -- Fund my dream of becoming a professor and a role model for other girls from low income background.

Support a needy sister with her fees - she is seeking support for her BA in English

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location - Gurgaon

I come from a very low-income family with my father working as a driver. We come from a social background where girls get married early, and modern college education is not an accepted social norm.
My father has chronic diabetes and has to spend a large part of his income on medicines while also supporting the family including my brother's college education.

Despite the financial constraints and societal pressure, my parents have always supported my passion for higher studies and eventually become an educator.

My parents strongly believe that a good college education will help our family break the cycle of low income and debts and allow us to lead a financially independent and respectable life. I also know that my education and success will encourage more girls and parents in our community to follow in my footsteps and help them write their own success stories.

I have always been passionate about English as a subject and run an English tutorial channel on Instagram which have more than 5000 followers. I also tutor young kids to fund part of my education and to support my family.

I have been admitted to Amity University as an English Honours student but my private college education will not be possible without your financial support.

Need your kind support for Rs 33000 towards my sem 1 fees


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Ripa Easmin

Created Aug 29, 2021 Gurgaon

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