B.E. ( 3rd year ) - I need your assistance to continue my studies - My father is having mental health issues and there is no proper source of income

Please help me with Non-Zakat, Non-sadqa donations to continue my studies in Engineering - Kindly help me to raise Rs 50000

Zakat Eligible: NO
Location: Mumbai

Assalamualaikum warehmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

My name is Khan Hassan M.
I am currently pursuing my third Year of Engineering from BVCOE, with a specialization in Electronics & telecommunications. My family contains 6 members which include Me, My Mother, My father & My 3 younger brothers. My 3 Youngers brothers are currently pursuing studies & the only source of Income is my father, who is a Sandal’s Sole Seller.
Not only do we live in a Rent House, but also my father’s Shop is on rent. The One & Only Source of Income for our family is my father. My father is suffering from mental illness since 2015.
Due to my Bad Financial Condition & My father's Health Issue, I never joined Tuition/Classes & I’ve Cleared My School, Junior College & entrance exam without joining tuition/classes. Now, I am facing difficulty as I have to pay my Due Fees which is 50000/-Rs.
InshaAllah, I will Study more & achieve my Degree by completing 4 Years Of Engg. & further apply to GATE Exam, which is my goal to work in Research Field in future.
I hope you’ll understand all my problems, current situation and help me after seeing my whole journey.
I assure you, with your little help, I’ll be able to achieve my Goals & walk on the correct path InshaAllah


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Khan Mohd. Hassan Muslim

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