B.E-Raise scholarship fund for Mudassir Rawoof

About Me
My name is Mudassir ABDUR RAWOOF Rawoof

Zakat Eligibility:Yes

My Story:
Assalamualaikum warehmatullahi wabarakatuhu, My self Mudassir Rawoof S/O Abdur Rawoof I am a student at Ghousia College Of Engineering I am studying in mechanical branch The reason for my approach for help from you is that my father is the only earning person in my family so in this crucial Covid-19 times he having trouble paying my fee so if I can get even a little help from you then I can continue my study ,since my fee is not clear my collage is not allowing me to write my final exam the only way I can get promoted to next year is by clearing my full fee so I kindly request you to help me and my family in this crucial time

My family background:
There are total of 3 members in my family. Out of which 1 earning members and 2 dependent members.
And the annual income of my family is Less than Rs. 1 Lakh.

Following are my Current Academic Results
College / Institute Name: Ghousia College Of Engineering
Specialization: CAED
University: VTU
In Which Year: Third Year
Course Type: Undergraduate

Following are my HSC Details
College / Institute Name: Shanthineketan Polytechnic College
Specialization / Stream: Others
Specialization: CAED
University / Board: Bangalore University
Pass out year: 2019
Course Type: Diploma
Score: 849 out of 1600

Following are my SSC Details
School Name: Royal English High school
University / Board: KASEEB
Pass out year: 2013
Score: 397 out of 625 (63.52%)

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    B.E-Raise scholarship fund for Mudassir Rawoof

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Mudassir Rawoof

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