Help a daily wage-earner to earn his and family's livelihood - help him procure stock for his shop

Help me to earn my family's livelihood and feed my old mother and 3 children -

Zakat Eligibility: YES
Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat


I am Munaf Mansuri living in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, and having a mother, wife & 3 children. I am fulfilling my family's needs by a way of running a small Pan-Chocolate Shop. Due to this pandemic, the business got affected, and hence, struggling to manage their livelihood.

It is requesting your kind selves to support me with Rs. 25,000/- to procure goods for the stall. It will help me to streamline the business.

May Allah bless you..!!



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Javid Shaikh

Created Oct 01, 2021 Gandhinagar, Gujarat

₹25,920 of ₹25,000 goal

103.68% Raised by 5 Donations
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