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Son of a truck driver to pay his 3rd Year B.Tech course fees

Zakat Eligible: YES

Assalamualaikum Warehmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.
I, Mohammad Shahid, belong to a lower-middle-class family from Maudaha, Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. I have one elder brother and three sisters (married). Since my childhood, I wanted to be educated as high as possible. My father has helped me a lot for the same. I have completed High School and Intermediate from my district with the First division. I am currently pursuingB.Tech in U.P.T.U. affiliated college, Sri Ram Swaroop Memorial College of Engineering & Management, Lucknow.

My father was a truck driver and saved enough money to buy his own truck in 2017.
Due to the effect of demonetisation, our business stalled, and my brother handed over the truck to others on the basis of monthly sharing of total earning. Due to lack of business, we couldn't submit monthly instalments and finally, the truck was seized.
Now we are planning to buy a new truck on loan but due to Covid-19, no bank is providing loan facility. Currently, we have nothing to do. We are managing anyhow to fulfil the daily needs of our family.

With a lot of difficulties (due to poor financial condition), I have successfully completed two years of my B.Tech. But, unfortunately, my studies are very close to ending due to the financial crisis. My family has struggled a lot due to COVID-19 as our business stalled which was totally dependent on the truck. We lost our truck due to lack of money to submit monthly instalments. Currently, my father and my elder brother have nothing to do to earn money for the family. I have tried many times to get an education loan from the bank to carry on my studies but, due to COVID-19, no bank is currently providing a loan facility.

I will be grateful for each and everyone who supports me in this condition because my career is at risk. Please contribute generously to this cause.

1. Prof. Mohammad Luqman
Member-International Coordination Team

2. Yasir Arafat
Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce


  • Md Tanweer


    Allah bless you. Pay it forward when u r eligible for it

  • Anonymous

  • Aashi Ansari

  • Md Tanweer


    All the best, May Allah grant you success. Once eligible try to pay it forward.

  • Abdul Razak Shaikh


    Be a excellent Engineer and help the community youth reach IIT hy mentoring them

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