Support A Small Business - Make A Happy Family!

Support A Small Business - Make A Self-Sustainable Family!

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) established AMP Zakat Fund in 2013 to empower the lives of underprivileged Muslims by promoting Education & Self-Employment. AMP realized then in its duty towards Community welfare, the potential of a properly organized Zakat Collection and Disbursement and how it can be effectively utilized to bring out the Community from the throes of misery. The principles of Collective Zakat were used for establishing the Fund so a Zakat Seeker could be transformed into a Zakat Giver. Thus, through AMP Zakat Fund, we have been working relentlessly towards supporting Self-Employment, Higher Education and Orphans’ Education for the needy from the past 9 years now.

AMP Self Employment Assistance Fund:
AMP supports needy Muslim individuals/families with initial capital expenditure to start a source of Livelihood for themselves. A fund of Rs. 25000/- up to Rs. 50,000/- is provided to young, talented but unemployed poor, within the community to start a small business with the objective of promoting Self-Employment.
Through this endeavour AMP firmly hopes that the Zakat Taker of today becomes the Zakat Giver of tomorrow Insha’Allah! This assistance is provided across the country, mainly focusing on Rural areas. The emphasis is on Widows and Old people to start some self-sustainable activity leading to a self-reliant and happy family, Alhamdulillah!

In the year 2021, AMP supported 98 unemployed poor within the Community to start a small business with the objective of promoting Self-Employment. Since 2013, AMP Self Employment and Empowerment Program has supported 640 unemployed poor with a total fund of Rs. 1.48+ Crores so far Alhamdulillah! Many of these were helpless individuals, widows, elderly parents and orphan youths, who had lost all the hopes of running their families. For them, all the doors seemed to be closed and they did not have the initial capital to start anything of their own.

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AMP Zakat Fund (AZF)through, now aims to undergo transformation to a higher level for a pan-India appeal and reaching out to more needy Muslims. This will ensure that the Fund will spread its reach to every city, town and village in India and will touch more lives in the years to come, Insha’Allah!

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About AMP:
Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) is a non-profit organization of professional Muslims who have come together to perform their bit for the welfare of the Society and the Nation through Educational and Economic Empowerment. AMP is a Section 8 Company (Non-Profit) registered under the Companies Act 2013, with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). AMP strives to empower Muslim Community through its various activities of Educational & Economic Empowerment.

AMP is a Platform for all Muslim professionals and volunteers to share their knowledge, intellect, experience and skills for the overall development of not just the Muslim community but also the society at large. AMP was formed by a group of ambitious and visionary individuals who thought of making difference to the Muslim community through a unique forum that was non-sectarian and non-political. It is headed by Mr Aamir Edresy, an Engineer by Qualification and Entrepreneur, who as the President and Founder has quite ably led AMP from its inception to its present status of being a vibrant pan-India organization of dynamic individuals.

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