Support required to provide education to Poor Students & functioning of School

Support us with your Zakat, Sadaqa to impart education to the needy kids of the rural area from Raigad, Maharashtra

رائے گڑھ، مہاراشٹر کے دیہی علاقوں کے ضرورت مند بچوں کو تعلیم دینے کے لیے اپنی زکوٰۃ، صدقہ سے ہمارا ساتھ دیں۔

Zakat Eligible : YES

Hope you are doing well by the grace of Almighty

N.E.S (Nagothane Education Society) Urdu high school is situated in Khaire Khurd Village which is approx. 18 km away from Taluka-Roha & situated between Roha & Rewdanda. School is taken care of by Khaira educational and welfare society

Alhamdulillah Our School is recognised by Government but still awaiting Government aid & you must be knowing the difficulties to run an unaided school which required a Good & healthy financial base

For the last 14 years, the School is imparting both kinds of Education (Asri as well as Deeni). Specially Student Girls from almost 7-8 nearby villages are coming here to fulfil their thirst for education (Basically they are drop-outs due to lack of higher education (i.e. till 4th std) in their villages) and are unable to travel 15 to 20-kilometre distance by bus towards nearest City i.e. Roha.

Students who are participating in Educational activities are from very Poor financial conditions & are unable to pay fees & donations which is based to run in the financial institute.

The school doesn't have any source of income but generous and bounteous people do support us by donating good funds or any means of help to the school.

Since 2017 Khaira educational and welfare society khaire khurd is running Semi English Anganwadi(k.g.) & Semi English Secondary of primary school from 1st to 7th std & we are giving good quality of Asri and Deeni education to children.

Total yearly expenditure to run School from Nursery to S. S. C. is Approx Rs 8,39,000/-.

Help us raise Rs 4 lakhs through indiazakat platform

In this period of a covid-19 pandemic. We are observing lockdown & limited movements in State which makes really impossible to go out for collecting funds.

In the academic year 2020-21, Our school use to conduct online and then started offline as per government instruction & We took the utmost care to prevent the Educational Loss of children and also paid 100% of salary to our teachers.
Insha Allah with your Support & help we will be able to provide seamless education to Students.

May ALLAH grant you success here and hereafter


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#Update Ass Salamu alaikum Dear Donors,
Jazak Allah ho khairan for all precious donations. May Allah grant success to all of us in this world & hereafter.May Allah shower blessings in this beloved month on all of us. May Allah protect all of us from fitna.
May ALLAH accept all our Prayers, Roza and Donations.. AL HUMDULILLAH

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