Support divorced sister for livelihood - She needs a sewing machine

Help divorced sister, mother of a daughter to buy tailoring set up to sustain livelihood

तलाकशुदा बहन, एक बेटी की मां को सिलाई खरीदने में मदद करें ताकि आजीविका चलाने के लिए स्थापित
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Zakat Eligible: YES
Location: Bhopal

Sister Urooj Fathima is 34 years, got divorced a few years ago.
Now she lives with her single daughter in a rented house. She has two children the Daughterlives with her while the son lives with her husband. Her daughter is a 1st-year ITI student.
Relatives and people help her by which she manages daily expenses and her daughter'seducation. She knows the art of tailoring and wants to move ahead in this field but she doesn'thave the money to start the tailoring set-up.
Needs Rs 12,500 to buy Machine.
Sympathy Foundation Bhopal has investigated her and found that she is needy and must be


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Created Apr 26, 2022 Bhopal

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