Young Widow mother needs support to buy a basic sewing machine

A widowed sister is facing difficulties to manage her day to day expenses and the educational expenses of her only daughter - She seeks help to bu a sewing machine

Zakat Eligible; YES
Location: Chennai

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am Shakeena, aged 37, am seeking your support to buy a sewing machine. I lost my husband 9 years ago. I have a baby girl aged 12 years. For the past 9 years, I have been going for a job to provide food for my kid. I am working as a tailor in a nearby garments shop. My earnings are sufficient only for the basic livelihood. I find it difficult to give education to my only child. My daughter will be alone when I am going out to the work. Being a single mother, I am facing problems to bring up my kid. I need all your support to buy a sewing machine. I can be at home to take care of my girl child and also earn for my livelihood too.

Please help me with Rs 13,500 for a sewing machine.

I will be grateful for your help dear donors

Thanks & Regards


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Afshan Fathima

Created May 11, 2022 Chennai

₹14,000 of ₹13,500 goal

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