Support poor girls, widows & single mothers of slums and villages, enable them to become self reliant.

"Khidmat Skill & Learning Center" utilises creativity and enterprise to break the cycle of poverty for Indian women. We are creating an environment of self determinism and economic independence for marginalised women by harnessing their local craft traditions.

Challenge :
Provide training for women and girls is a proven path to reduce poverty. They are disadvantaged when it comes to employment, education, and work skills. They are also abused sexually, physically, mentally and psychologically. Khidmat Skill & Learning Centre will be equipped to empower deprived, disadvantaged and underprivileged women and girls through sewing, embroidery to give them a better tomorrow, by promoting equality in the society.

Solution: This Center will be one stop to provide training and keeping all sewing machines in a secured place. The Project will Help the Marginalized, Deprived Girls in providing Employment by Skill Development. So that the problem of unemployment will end, and Poor Girls of the deprived community will get Sustainable Livelihoods, the Girls will Become self-conscious which will be Helpful to eradicate the social evils from the society and women & girls can get opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.

Long-Term Impact:
Khidmat Skill & Learning Center aims to improve economic status of women and their families through business skills and education. The secret of training is to empower, restore and regenerate women and improve their status. The girls will found their own employment with the help of skill development. Poverty will end and the lives of marginalized girls will be prosperous. It will be place to generate income for these young women and girls.

Please support our mother/ sisters and donate now wholeheartedly for the cause. No amount is small, May Allah accept and reward you abundantly. Jazak Allah.


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