Help the son of a labour get his operation done on time

A poor labourer's son needs urgent help for the surgery of his leg - please help

ایک غریب مزدور کے بیٹے کو اپنی ٹانگ کی سرجری کے لیے فوری مدد کی ضرورت ہے - برائے مہربانی مدد کریں۔

एक गरीब मजदूर के बेटे को अपने पैर की सर्जरी के लिए तत्काल मदद की जरूरत है - कृपया मदद करें

Zakat eligible: YES
Location: Chandigarh

Assalamualaikum, This cause is being raised for Shahabuddin, a 20-year-old, who needs to undergo surgery for his leg.
Due to insufficient funds, he was not able to get it done for 4-5 months.
His father is a labourer, hence is not in a condition to manage sufficient funds, therefore they seek our help and support.
They require Rs. 1,00,000/- for the surgery, please come forward to help this young boy get his surgery done at the earliest so he doesn't lose his leg.

शहाबुद्दीन के पिता मजदूर हैं, जिस्के कारण वो अपने पुत्र का ऑपरेशन नही करा पा रहे हैं, शहाबुद्दीन 20 वर्ष का लड़का है, कृपया उसकी सहायता करिए जिससे उसका पैर ठीक हो सके।

Whatever charities you give or vows you make are surely known to Allah. And the wrongdoers will have no helpers (Al-Baqarah 2:270)

jazak'allah khair


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