Need Urgent help for Assam Flood - Assam is Under Water

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Zakath-eligible : Yes
Location : Assam

Rains continued to lash most parts of Assam, affecting more than 20 lakh people across 32 flood-hit districts and causing widespread damage to private and public infrastructure. According to data provided by the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) two people drowned in Nagaon district. Floods and landslides since May 14 have so far killed 30 people while seven others have been reported missing. Where as 29894 Nos of house were destroyed. So far, 80,298 people including 12,855 children have been shifted to 167 relief camps across the flood-affected districts. A total of 11 animals have been washed away in the deluge across 32 districts. Whereas 100,732.43 hectares of crop area have been affected.
Dhubri is one of the most flood affected district in assam because it is surrounded by river Bhrahmaputra and continously the water level is raising and land is erroding due to which thousands of people left and shifted their house to high land areas. Most part of the district is a char area where muslim underpriviledge poor people reside and due to flood all the char areas are submerged under water. We Galaxy Social Welfare Organization have deployed several team across Dhubri district and also few other district to rescue people and to provide shelter, medicine and provides foods to those flood affected people. Join us with our mission to help the people of assam from this flood.

Please donate to help the cause, the amount required is 3,00,000
You will be rewarded for each comfort and ease they bring to the needy people and your rewards are going to be tremendous with Allah (SWT) regardless as He (SWT) is the best at rewarding and honoring his servants.


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