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Brother Abdullah Fazal, son of a retired Imam needs your generous help for continuing his Bachelor in Pharmacy - Please help him

Shaikh jawwad

I want to accomplish my Bachelor’s but unable to do so because of poor fin...

32 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹65,000

Come forward and save a life - Need financial help for KIDNEY TRANSPLANT of a "Grave Digger "who served and took care of our loved ones in their last home

Javed Chopdar

An earnest appeal to help me for treatment of my kidney ailments - I have lived...

19 days left ₹11,500 Raised 3.83%

Goal ₹300,000

Help Our Orphan Brother Shabeeb Who Passed His 12th With Flying Colors To Continue His Education (Bsc. Nursing ).

Mohammed Shabeeb

Help me realize my dream of becoming a nurse and support my family - Need your k...

13 days left ₹36,150 Raised 37.66%

Goal ₹96,000

BE Computer Science -Covid has impacted the finances of his family - Help brother Shabaz for his Engineering(Computers) Course fee


Raise scholarship fund for Shabaz Ali, student of BE Computer Science About Me...

2 days left ₹19,700 Raised 75.77%

Goal ₹26,000

Support IndiaZakat.com to Continue Helping the Needy


We do not charge any fees to beneficiaries and the entire initiative has been ru...

62 days left ₹10,100 Raised 1.01%

Goal ₹1,000,000

Urgent help required for uncle's jaw stroke treatment which eventually leads to cancer if not treated immediately

Shaikh jawwad


2 days left ₹11,000 Raised 5.50%

Goal ₹199,966

Fire accident destroyed his factory just before the lockdown - Brother Shuaib has high hopes on us to support him start his new Embossing plant

Shuaib Parvez

Seeking support for Livelihood - I want to start an Embossing plant so that I ca...

1 days left ₹25,900 Raised 51.80%

Goal ₹50,000

Shabnam is a bright medical student, but won't be able to become a Doctor if we do not support her education. Please help her, Doctors are the need of the hour


Sister Shabnam a student of Medicine (BUMS) needs your support for her 2nd-year...

16 days left ₹14,401 Raised 9.60%

Goal ₹150,000

Please help me to become a Doctor

Mohmmad Asfak

-- Help brother Asfak in pursuing his degree in medicine -- Zakat Eligibility :...

8 days left ₹3,500 Raised 2.92%

Goal ₹120,000

Feed the poor-AMP's Mission of feeding 5000 families


Mission Feed 5000 Families is a National Campaign launched by Association of M...

No deadline ₹1,994,013 Raised 79.76%

Goal ₹2,500,000

Support A Small Business Make A Happy Family


Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) realizing its duty towards Community...

No deadline ₹651,035 Raised 65.10%

Goal ₹1,000,000

Support an Orphan Shape A Life


Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) realizing its duty towards Community...

No deadline ₹596,612 Raised 59.66%

Goal ₹1,000,000

Support Higher Education Empower Lives


Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) realizing its duty towards Community w...

No deadline ₹586,342 Raised 58.63%

Goal ₹1,000,000