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Kidney Failure is a threat to his life - Brother Gulzar needs urgent help for his treatment

Bilal ahmad wani

Kidney patient Needs assistance with medical expenses

16 days left ₹2,500 Raised 8.33%

Goal ₹30,000


Mohammad Sabera Begum


37 days left ₹2,750 Raised 2.75%

Goal ₹100,000

48 yr old unemployed private school Teacher , a single mother , needs financial support for life saving surgery.

Shaik Mohammed Rafi

Shakeela needs Financial support for life saving operation.

6 days left ₹94,210 Raised 47.11%

Goal ₹200,000

Let's bring a positive change in the life of a small kid who can't hear from his birth - hearing aids can help him hear Inshaallah

Tarannum anjum

Help a 10 year old hearing impaired kid with hearing aids

34 days left ₹10,000 Raised 33.33%

Goal ₹30,000

Support a 12 Year old Girl fighting with Brain Haemorrhage at Hospital - Your timely support will save this young life InshaAllah

Javid Shaikh

Help me to fight against Brain Haemorraige

37 days left ₹32,200 Raised 32.20%

Goal ₹100,000

Baby Zunaira Arsheen, a 6 months old girl, is diagnosed with Biliary Atresia with decompensated Liver Disease. She needs urgent Liver Transplantation. Please do donate!!

Mohammad Shoaib

Support babyZunaira get treatment for liver transplantation.

37 days left ₹16,029 Raised 3.21%

Goal ₹500,000

Chemotherapy treatment of a poor father having 2 kids - Need your kind help for treatment of his throat cancer

Rasheed A Khot

Support poor father of two kids in treatment of throatcancer

37 days left ₹13,200 Raised 16.50%

Goal ₹80,000

Help Br. Firoz, the only earner of his family to get his and his family's treatment done

Ayesha Aziz

Br. Firoz needs help for the medical treatment of his family

22 days left ₹8,950 Raised 107.83%

Goal ₹8,300

Sahil is just 17 - Both his kidneys have failed - he need urgent money for surgery - Please donate and help save a young life InshaAllah

Syed Haroon

Urgent requirement of money for kidney operation.

21 days left ₹12,850 Raised 8.57%

Goal ₹150,000

Support Vaseem Get Treatment For Brainstem Glioma - Charity prevents disaster - Please contribute wholeheartedly to save a young life

Naveed Ahmed

Support Vaseem Get Treatment For Brainstem Glioma

21 days left ₹381,071 Raised 76.21%

Goal ₹500,000

A widow from Nashik needs urgent help for Eye Operation & related expenses

Humaira Khan

Need to raise money for eye operation and after care .

26 days left ₹2,000 Raised 2.22%

Goal ₹90,000

Extremly poor Imam Riyaz needs your urgent Support For his Oral cancer surgery. Please donate to save his life.

Aysha Mahmood

Rs.1 lakh support for Oral Cancer Surgery of Poor Imam Riyaz

6 days left ₹35,800 Raised 35.80%

Goal ₹100,000