Livelihood Support

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Support this needy family - handicapped brother & wife a dialysis patient with three daughters needs help for livelihood support


Livelihood support for handicapped Father of Three Daughters

3 days left ₹37,570 Raised 53.67%

Goal ₹70,000

Let's help brother Ayyub whose family struggling for daily expenses - He needs our support to buy used auto rickshaw

Faisal Ameen

Livelihood support for a heart patient

21 days left ₹12,555 Raised 25.11%

Goal ₹50,000

Brother Imran from Delhi needs your support for House rent and ration

Imran Khan

Livelihood support

3 days left ₹13,330 Raised 44.43%

Goal ₹30,000

Help brother Doctor(ayurvedic) Harun to re-establish his clinic so he can welfare to the Society


Brother Harun needs help for his livelihood

6 days left ₹37,100 Raised 80.65%

Goal ₹46,000

Help a 35-year-old widow start her business of tailoring and garment selling at her home.

Mohammad Shahnawaz

Widow sister needs our help in her children's upbringing and...

34 days left ₹28,000 Raised 70.00%

Goal ₹40,000

An unemployed driver is seeking your support for day to day expenses and medicines for his heart ailment

Gulzar dar

Unemployed Heart Patient Driver need basic help for survival

16 days left ₹3,304 Raised 11.01%

Goal ₹30,000

Support A Small Business - Make A Happy Family!


Support A Small Business - Make A Happy Family!

6 days left ₹242,500 Raised 24.25%

Goal ₹1,000,000