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Imagine losing your parent as a child - Little Safwan has just started his education, do not let him drop out - Help him generously

Fazal E

An Orphan little child needs assistance for his Education - help him for his cla...

37 days left ₹8,500 Raised 96.59%

Goal ₹8,800

Let him not feel he is an orphan, help him start his education by contributing towards his 1st standard fee


Orphan kid Tippu needs your support for his 1st Standard fee, he aims to be a Do...

19 days left ₹700 Raised 5.60%

Goal ₹12,500

Fee should not become a hurdle for this innocent orphan kid who is just starting her education, help her generously


Support orphan child Shahista for her Upper Kindergarten (UKG) fees. Zakat Elig...

19 days left ₹700 Raised 5.83%

Goal ₹12,000

Educate a girl to educate a family. These orphan girls have a brilliant future ahead, they need your support

Mujtaba Umair

Help deserving Orphan girl students studying in 12th standard , don't let them d...

4 days left ₹65,500 Raised 72.75%

Goal ₹90,030

Make a small Donation & help provide orphans with the foundation for a better future --यतीम बच्चों की तालाीम के लिए मदद कीजिए


Help orphan students from Islamia Educational Society, Jaipur for their fee Zak...

Last day ₹64,000 Raised 75.65%

Goal ₹84,600

Orphan Students from the desert region of Rajasthan are eagerly waiting for you to support their education.


Orphan students from a remote desert area in Rajasthan need your donations to co...

Last day ₹23,800 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹23,800

Single mother needs help for raising her 3 kids.

Danish M Ansari

Assalamualaikum, sister Tabassum single mother aged 36 from Mumbai needs help to...

5 days left ₹17,745 Raised 35.49%

Goal ₹50,000

Support Orphan Students For Education


Seeking contributions for educating needy orphan students of classes 1 to 12...

Last day ₹66,200 Raised 58.07%

Goal ₹114,000

Support an Orphan Shape A Life


Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) realizing its duty towards Community...

No deadline ₹585,362 Raised 58.54%

Goal ₹1,000,000