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Raising funds for simple marriage of orphan sister Kainoor Khatoon scheduled to be held on 06th of June 2022.


We are requesting funds of Rs 25000 from kind donors.

7 days left ₹300 Raised 1.20%

Goal ₹25,000

Need help For the Marriage(Nikkah) of a financially backward Orphan sister


Need help for the nikkah

19 days left ₹25,000 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹25,000

Help required for sister Mehak's marriage - Contribute and establish a beloved sunnah of our prophet(PBUH)

rashida Khan

Need help for my daughter's marriage

21 days left ₹2,000 Raised 8.00%

Goal ₹25,000

Help a widow sister to pay rupees 50000 as advance towards a single room house

Sadiqa Banu

Help widow sister to pay Rs 50K as advance to a single room

40 days left ₹1,050 Raised 2.10%

Goal ₹50,000

Help sister Iqra Bano, get MARRIED in a SUNNAH way. She has her marriage on 5 June, In Sha Allah

Mohammad Shahnawaz

Help a poor sister with her marriage expenses

5 days left ₹13,700 Raised 54.80%

Goal ₹25,000

Kindly help to rebuild a school at Farsadangi, Araria, Bihar whic was Damaged due to heavy air & cyclone on 26th APRIL '22

Dr. Nargis Kausar Ab. Ras...

Kindly donate to rebuild a girls school & Madarsa @ Bihar

19 days left ₹28,901 Raised 13.26%

Goal ₹218,000

Sister Ayesha need immediate help for her treatment and livelihood support

Faheema banu

A single mother facing challenges kindly help her immediatel

18 days left ₹31,850 Raised 31.85%

Goal ₹100,000

Generous help is required to manage the basic expenses of daughter's marriage

Javid Shaikh

help for basic expenses of a marriage

3 days left ₹15,650 Raised 62.60%

Goal ₹25,000

Donate to orphan of Gausiya yateem khana welfare

Md nizamuddin

Help for donation of yateem khana

15 days left ₹1,050 Raised 0.24%

Goal ₹445,000

Donate School kit to Needy Students-जरूरतमंद बच्चों को दीजिए स्कूल किट


कम से कम एक स्कूल किट अपनी तरफ से जरूर डोनेट करें।

32 days left ₹40,257 Raised 9.89%

Goal ₹407,100

Help Sister Haseena who suffers from TB to manage her day-to-day expenses

Ayesha Aziz

Funds required for basic expenses due to poor financial cond

2 days left ₹6,800 Raised 27.20%

Goal ₹25,000

Lets help the Poor with ration, health and shelter - Support Home of Peace Foundation in this noble cause

Home of Peace Founation

Lets Support the Poor families to fulfill their basic needs.

9 days left ₹64,200 Raised 10.70%

Goal ₹600,000