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Sisters Hamida & Naziya need your kind support towards their marriage expenses

Taha Afreen A

Help sister Hamida for her marriage..

45 days left ₹9,120 Raised 36.48%

Goal ₹25,000

Help desperate father's daughter nazia for her marriage

Taha Afreen A

Help sister Naziya for her marriage

45 days left ₹27,797 Raised 111.19%

Goal ₹25,000

Help me get my twin daughters married

Muhammad Anwar Pathan

I Am Getting Married My Elder Twins Daughter's Next Month.

27 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹50,000

Help an Orphan girl to get married - Your kind support will help establish a Sunnah


Help an orphan daughter to get married

19 days left ₹2,786 Raised 11.14%

Goal ₹25,000

Request for marriage help


Need for marriage help

Last day ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹20,000

Help sister Sameena with the basic expenses of her marriage - Father is a daily wager and mother is an Aaalima


Need help with marriage expenses

3 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹25,000

Orphan Sister Mubeena is in need of your kind assistance for her Marriage, plz help her fulfill the prophetic sunnah.

Aysha Mahmood

Help Sr Mubeena fulfill the sunnah by donating for her nikah

32 days left ₹17,851 Raised 71.40%

Goal ₹25,000

Sister Zakiya is in desperate need of your help with her Nikah(on 25th Oct). Assist her in carrying out the Sunnah.

Aysha Mahmood

Help Sr Zakiya fulfill the sunnah by donating for her nikah.

3 days left ₹22,500 Raised 90.00%

Goal ₹25,000

Help a poor mother to get her daughter married - Marriage scheduled to be held on 30th Oct, InshaAllah.

Khalandar Azad

help a poor daughter get married

5 days left ₹26,001 Raised 104.00%

Goal ₹25,000

Help bother to build a small shelter for his family - Earn double the rewards this Ramadan

Shaikh jawwad

Need support for rebuilding shelter

11 days left ₹38,912 Raised 19.46%

Goal ₹200,000

AMP's Interest Offloading Fund for Poor and Needy


The prime reason for maintaining savings account in Bank is

12 days left ₹619,004 Raised 61.90%

Goal ₹1,000,000