AMP - Higher Education Scholarships!

Alhamdulillah, in the past 2 Decades, the enrolment of Muslims in Primary & Secondary Education has gone up substantially and we have realised the importance of Education in our lives by performing well here.

However, as per recent survey by National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), Govt. of India, Muslims have very low share at Higher Education/Graduation level with only 5.2% of Muslim students enrolled in Higher Education (Graduation).

Acquiring Higher/Professional Education  is a tough task and a big challenge for needy Community students. Crowd-Funding can be the possible solution for such needy students so that each of us can contribute our might for the brilliant students to achieve their full potential and succeed in Life. They can be thus transformed from a Seeker to a Giver.

Please support any of the students listed here by their City, Educational Institute or simply by the Academic/Professional Course that they are enrolled in as each of them are deserving and verified by our Team.

Happy Giving & JazakAllahu Khaira!

Medical - Raise scholarship fund for SHAIKH SHEHAB, student of BAMS


My name is SHAIKH M ARIF SHEHAB - I am a student of Bachelor...

20 days left ₹0 Raised 0.00%

Goal ₹157,500

Sister Sabiha a student of 2nd Year Engineering is on the verge of expulsion due to non payment of fee - Please help her continue her studies

Sabiha Siddiqui

Scholarship for girl student

26 days left ₹53,500 Raised 47.74%

Goal ₹112,059

Raise scholarship fund for A MATIN QURESHI



5 days left ₹6,550 Raised 16.38%

Goal ₹40,000

Raise scholarship fund for Arbaj Shaikh

Arbaj Shaukat Shaikh

About Me My name is Arbaj Shaukat Shaikh Zakat Eligibility:...

6 days left ₹11,000 Raised 31.43%

Goal ₹35,000

LLM -Law -Sister Nazmin aspires to be a Magistrate - Help this daughter of a single mother for her LLM fees


Raise scholarship fund for NAZMIN RANGREJ, student of LLM A...

No deadline ₹33,000 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹33,000

Raise scholarship fund for B.Tech student Nilofar Inamdar

Nilofar Saipan Inamdar

About Me My name is NILOFAR SAIPAN INAMDAR Zakat Eligibilit...

19 days left ₹11,700 Raised 37.74%

Goal ₹31,000