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Help son of a Masjid Imam pay his class 4th fees.

Mohammad Faizan Ali

School fee

Successfully Completed ₹12,800 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹12,800

Poor sister Eram needs help for her simple Nikah!

Mohammad Faizan Ali

Ek Gareeb Bachi ka nikah

Successfully Completed ₹25,400 Raised 101.60%

Goal ₹25,000

Help this Unemployed Needy-इस बेरोजगार जरूरतमंद की मदद कीजिए


आमलेट का हाथ ठेला लगाकर अपने परिवार का गुजारा करना चाहते हैं

Successfully Completed ₹15,800 Raised 101.94%

Goal ₹15,500

Father of 5 daughters, a waiter, Needs help in marriage of his elder daughter

Global Human Rights Trust

Assalam walikum Warehmatullahi Wabarakatahu...

Cause Ended! ₹19,227 Raised 76.91%

Goal ₹25,000

Sister Shafiya Khatoon from Mumbai needs our help with the basic marriage expenses.


Help sister Safiya Khatoon have a dream come true

Successfully Completed ₹25,000 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹25,000

Help an father to bear the expenses of the wedding of his daughter

Reshma Ismail Patel

Due to some financial issues my family cannot afford expense

Successfully Completed ₹25,000 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹25,000

Orphan Sister Jumana requires our help to continue her Graduation.


It will be very helpful for me to overcome my struggles

Successfully Completed ₹11,834 Raised 100.03%

Goal ₹11,830

Urgent help required for a brain stroke victim, daughter of carpenter.


Requesting you to help them by donating as much as you can.

Cause Ended! ₹15,213 Raised 19.02%

Goal ₹80,000

Help Sister Nilofer with the basic Marriage Expenses which is held on 23rd Jan 2023 Insha Allah

Abdul Azeem

Let's Support this Sister by donating any amount you Can

Cause Ended! ₹13,991 Raised 55.96%

Goal ₹25,000

Help me to pay Medical college fees and prevent from dropping studies.


Please help and support me

Successfully Completed ₹15,000 Raised 100.00%

Goal ₹15,000

Orphan Sister Sumaiyya is in desperate need of your help with her Nikah. Assist her in carrying out the Sunnah.

Mohammad Faizan Ali

Aap sabhi logi se darkhast hai inki madad kare

Successfully Completed ₹26,001 Raised 104.00%

Goal ₹25,000

Help Br. Awaiz save his eyes with urgent surgery

Aamir Syed

A young brother needs urgent surgery to save his eyesight.

Cause Ended! ₹40,000 Raised 36.36%

Goal ₹110,000