Zakat 2.0 Conference

Reimagining Zakat for united economic empowerment


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Zakat 2.0 is a first of its kind online Zakat conference that brings together thought leaders, organizations, entrepreneurs and technologists to help people understand zakat better, revolutionize the zakat management process and empower the economy together

Some of the key aspects of the conference will be; Zakat as tool for Economic Empowerment, Technology and Innovation in Zakat Management, Dedicated Zakat Management Workshop etc.


Program Schedule



To refresh & revolutionize the process of Zakat management, for economic empowerment of the community and the country



  • Strengthening the roots: Educating people about important verticals of Zakat, from the Qur'an and Sunnah
  • Making it clear: Clearing the most important doubts and queries people have about Zakat
  • Professional upgrade: Refreshing the way we collect, manage and distribute zakat using corporate SOPs & operational methodologies
  • Technical upgrade: Refreshing the way we collect, manage and distribute zakat using technology, innovation and creativity
  • Uniting for good: Uniting like-minded individuals & organizations in India from other Zakat organisations, for efficient networking, learning & economic development



Event Dates: Saturday, April 3rd and Sunday, April 4th, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM India


Register in advance for this conference

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.




Essay Competition


Use your words and visuals to accelerate zakat transformation! This unique essay competition gives you a platform to creatively convey your thoughts and ideas on the topic of zakat.

  • Entry Format Categories: 1. Written (1000 words) 2. Video
  • Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi
  • Participant Categories: Male & Female
  • Age groups: A. 16 to 25 B. 25+


Winner selection

  • One per format category per participant group.
  • Female submissions will be judged by Female judges only

Entry Guidelines

  • Formats
    1. Written (Upto 500 words) – Poetry OR Short essay
    2. Video (Upto 5 minutes) - Spoken word / poetry OR Social impact content
  • Topics
    1. The importance of zakat & the dangers of ignoring it
    2. Zakat 2.0 - Upgrading the way we perceive & manage zakat
    3. Utilizing Zakat for economic empowerment & nation building
    4. The use of technology & innovation in zakat management
    5. - Revolutionizing Zakat management in India
  • Submission method
    • Online by uploading along with the below mentioned registration form



    1. A joint certificate from U-Connect,,
    2. The winners will have the Opportunity to present their topic before the audience online during one of the Ramzan special sessions in the Conference or after the Conference.


Registration link: Essay Registration Form.



Activity Date
Last date for submissions 31st March 2021
Review and selection of winners 1st April & 2nd April, 2021
Announcement of winners in each category (Along with email to the winners) 3rd April 2021


Guidelines for submissions

    1. Please do not copy content from anywhere. Your submissions should be your own creative effort. We assure you that your work will always remain your intellectual property.
    2. When submitting the essay and by participating in the contest, you hereby acknowledge that the organizers of the conference have your permission to publish the article on their website, to circulate it amongst their members and patrons as well as to use it for any marketing, branding or learning initiative as necessary.
    3. Though the foundational aspect of the conference, its topic is associated with religious practices, please do not indulge in slander towards any individual, sect, group of people or religion. Keep your essay focused towards a positive outlook that can benefit society at large.
    4. Only one submission per registrant. In case you wish to resubmit your essay before the deadline for submissions, please write to us in advance to help delete and overwrite your previous submission. Only one resubmission request can be entertained.
    5. When quoting a source, please make sure to mention the source at the bottom of your written essay or voice it out at the end of your Audio/Video essays.


Contact details

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